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IN DESCRIBING THE LAND BOOM OF SOUTH FLORIDA IN THE 1920s,THREE-time Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan when said,"Miami is the only town inside the world in areas you will effortlessly notice a new lie atbreakfast which will come correct by simply evening" (Crossen 1). the GreatOrator would certainly have recognized as well as anybody: by simply that time, hewas peddling the particular swampland that was in order to grow to be developer GeorgeMerrick's six-village Coral Gables community. Within this period,between 1919 as well as 1926, the particular Southeast Florida region ended up being arguably NorthAmerica's youngest as well as newest frontier, considering that it remained sounderdeveloped late into the twentieth century as well as was now explodingdemographically at the extremely moment which better technology and also modernmedia could therefore dramatically affect real estate and additionally the national popularimagination. Additional major US cities, for example Los Angeles or even Chicago, mayhave additionally been witnessing mounting populations and massivetransformation and, indeed, additional frontier lands such as theWest/Southwest had been undergoing regeneration by means of national parksmovements. Zero area, however, functioned that may compare with Florida, playing likea "projection screen" for national along with global images andimaginings. Appearing to be the blank slate just waiting to be created onby pioneers, Progressives, and also entrepreneurs, this region logicallywould help to cultivate a town such as Miami, exactly where lies could becometruths within a new single day.

Extended train travel, your Model T Ford, and furthermore the acceleration of everyday lifestyle had been main elements that contributed to always be able to South Florida's growth, facilitating the actual transportation and leisure of countless masses down the peninsula. but it absolutely was visual culture that really mattered, particularly if this came to promoting territory as well as tourism, as developers along with speculators mobilized newspaper advertising, brochures, films, photographs, and also billboards which were strategically positioned in Manhattan so as to suggest for you to cold, wintered-out New Yorkers: If You Lived within Florida, A Person Might Be Here simply by Now. Promoting the state was spectacle-driven. Architecture, landscaping, and interior planning worked as advertising too. Furthermore, these people helped to become able to forge Florida directly into a fantasy-scape, a symbolic web site that depended on the tightening inter-relation between cinema, sales, built environments, and journalism.

South Florida had usually been, as architecture critic Beth Dunlopputs it, "this made-up place" ("Inventing" 191).Railroad magnate Henry Flagler had dubbed Miami "The AmericanRiviera" when it was nonetheless swampland, whilst its first residentswere nonetheless sleeping in tents (Bramson 133). It is a entire lot more accurate tocharacterize it as a number of "made up places," as evidencedby the actual 1920s phenomenon of several localized "themecommunities," built environments inspired by exotic native culturesor European villas, like Miami Springs (pueblo), Miami Shores(Mediterranean), or perhaps Fort Lauderdale (Venetian). Since the real estatemarket grew, an architectural style distinctive towards the area began in order to dominatethe developing metropolis, using this notion of pastiche further towardmanufactured collage. The Particular "made up" space associated with Florida producedthe constructed type known as Mediterranean Revival style, which in turn Dunlopdefines as "picture-book pastiche offering immediate history, imbuinga brand-new location along with old world Charm" ("Inventing"191). This kind of has additionally been described colorfully as"Bastard-Spanish-Moorish-Romanesque-Gothic-Renaissance-Bull-Market-Damn-the- Expense-Style" (Johnston 25). so Florida's sunscreen may happen in order to be shallow ("picture-book pastiche") however itwas even now deeply layered, forged, throughout fact, by a new breed associated with empirebuilders which saw by themselves as well-traveled, world-worn, and also ready forre-invention.

This article proposes to utilize 2 primary case studies--a 1922 Arabian Nights-inspired film directed by simply Ruth Bryan Owen (William Jennings Bryan's daughter, she would become Florida's first Congresswoman throughout 1928) plus an Arabian Nights-inspired city built by aviation trailblazer Glenn Curtiss--in order to further realize and contextualize the introduction of South Florida. I would reason that Owen and Curtiss are extremely different, but importantly similar, representatives of Florida empire builders who shared in the identical Orientalist visual culture associated with Araby because they brought global discourses to their localized town centers. These kinds of efforts weren't isolated, but rather part of broader national styles also as examples regarding similar neighborhood tasks in nearby neighborhoods and towns.

Owen and also Curtiss were modernist utopians (Owen had been feminist and politically minded). However, they often engaged with Araby (at least to a excellent degree) via essentialism, naivet6, and exoticism. The Actual case studies point out ways inside which their particular views with the Orient follow a Western European construct, as Edward said describes it. "Orientalism" was circulating in South Florida like a discourse that will represented North Africa, the Center East, and Asia as exoticized and open up towards the hands of North Americans. This assisted to be able to construct an exciting identity regarding the modern American citizen. Pertaining To Owen and Curtiss, stories, designs, and motifs from your Arabian Nights, India, Egypt, along with China functioned as a representational space. Because said suggests throughout Orientalism, the Orient is "a location regarding romance, exotic beings, haunting memories and landscapes, [a location of] remarkable experiences" (1). Furthermore, this comprehending explains how their particular Arabian Nights tableaux incorporated visual and narrative references to Arabia, Persia, Egypt, India, China and also even heading to Spanish, Italian, French, and also Native American culture, particularly due for you to the surrounding architectural styles that often literally hung within the background. in other words, the actual Orient was less an actual physical geography than the actual usual matrix associated with mythical, symbolic, and imagined spaces.

Owen and Curtiss used Orientalism not to occupy or perhaps demystify"other" lands with the East however to build empires below athome. While South Florida pioneers attempted to market the actual region as well as itsnative environment, to end up being able to bring about territory development, as well as toparticipate within urban planning as well as civic clubs, these folks were colonizinggeographical area within their particular national borders. This processhappened not just with the economic but also in the psychic degree becauseof the actual simultaneous rise regarding mass media within the early 1920s. in otherwords, due to the spectacle-driven naturel associated with South Florida's landboom, mass media itself functioned as a form of empire building. Moderntechnology played an ever-increasing role in the transformation of"open land" into owned, lived, as well as imagined territory.

These South Florida pioneers are best understood within the historical context of the world War I and also post-World War I era. That They had been living at a occasion when main empires had been falling as well as the international map was being re-drawn. Every had been also experiencing the changed relationship with the US after living by means of the particular war. Owen was politically disillusioned. Curtiss has been trying in order to find new creative as well as entrepreneurial direction. The fact they would step outside of, after which again into, America is key, since it produced a new pattern involving triangulation. in any crisis involving national identity, that they observed Florida as a brand name new home as well as Orientalism as an straightforward method of becoming repatriated. Owen, as will become clear, drew on your ex behalf wartime travels via India, China, as well as Japan to feed the girl lecture circuit, inspire your ex film, along with help your ex to acquire a new public identity, the particular platform from which in turn the lady would run for a congressional seat. Curtiss, that is credited using inventing Naval aviation as we know it and also creating the JN-4 "Jenny" aircraft, had played a important role in manufacturing seaplanes for that US government during WWI. He saw, however, which military contracts had been entering decline upon war's end along with "retired" within 1921 for you to turn out in order to be an effective Florida land developer. Though he built a small airport within Opa-locka, his decision to establish this city was obviously a turn towards escape and fantasy, away from the perform of the military he had performed for that previous decade. In your early 1920s Owen along with Curtiss re-found by themselves as American citizens inside Florida and also in the Arabian Nights.

Florida has a lengthy good reputation for empire builders, of course, that stretches back to the Spanish conquistadors. Think About your accounts of its discovery within 1513 by simply Juan Ponce de Le6n and additionally the rich architectural traditions associated with colonial cities such as St. Augustine. Miami developers had 2 good causes to sidestep this imperial narrative while they entered the scene. First, it was critical in order to brand name South Florida as various from North Florida, where most of its Spanish colonial history existed. Second, it absolutely was important to bury the particular past. The Particular southern section of the state has been special as it ended up being new: it represented the short pace associated with the modern era, the particular industry associated with leisure, as well as the area of the imagination.

South Florida ended up being also, inside many ways, distinct through "the South." Your transformation regarding Florida right directly into a New Orient inside the late 1910s as well as early 1920s was obviously a significant transfer away from its more "primitive" associations using wetlands, reptiles, and wildlife. Although even now exotic, Arabian and also East Indian imagery carried connotations regarding civilization, permitting South Florida developers and promoters for you to deflect or perhaps mask a stereotype in the region's "native environment" powering an additional sort of "other." For centuries, Florida had been constructed simply by Western Europe and North America as a "subtropical magic land" (Rowe 9). Portion of the territorialization of el born area concerned its portrayal as an underworld of savage Native American tribes and also untamed wildlife. the colonization of Florida had depended on these constructs. Within your nineteenth century, this savage underworld imagery continued upon through romantic language as the "idea in the landscape as a source of surprise for travelers took hold" (Ammidown 242) and as that will landscape captured the attention of significant literary figures like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriett Beecher Stowe, as well as Henry James (Rowe 11-32, 55-65). while around the one hand South Florida has been after the planet (the tip in the last frontier), in another it had many commonalities using Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia: these states also had swamps, gators, mosquitoes, cotton, as well as fruit farms.

South Florida's backwaters, soon to look such as reflecting pools and "Oriental Tea Party" passageways, have been emphasized in films and visual promotion. Numerous shorts along with features created inside the 1900s and 1910s conflated numerous story backdrops--the Louisiana bayou, the Florida Everglades, the South Seas, the African Jungles--as well as the locations by which these folks were produced. The Actual "wild" and "exotic" truly do consider upon mythic connotations as beaches, marshes, wetlands, along with forests stood inside for unspecific locales. While dozens associated with shorts and features were produced subsequent this principle in Florida's early film history, "Colonel" William Selig was perhaps probably the actual most prolific producer regarding tropicalist fare. He established the Selig Polyscope Organization within Jacksonville in 1911, bringing along with him from Los Angeles "160 trained elephants, tigers, lions, camels, horses" and also "15 native American Indians" (Nelson 20). Having created jungle as well as animal films (and extremely early on, films from inside slaughter houses) inside New Orleans along with Chicago, Selig produced Witch with the Everglades (1911), Again towards the Primitive (1911), and also Lost in the Jungle (1911). Comparable films off their companies included Wizard of the Jungle (1913); Your Isle associated with Love, involving shipwrecked Northerners who fall prey to be able to island natives (1916); Queen in the Sea, a mermaid movie (1918); and also the Revenge involving Tarzan (1920).

At this time, films along along with other types of visual culture expressed an underlying tension that will known as upon these phones market the exotic but at the identical occasion include as well as domesticate it. Whilst the vast majority of the aforementioned films are non-extant, the remaining publicity stills from your jungle and island films comply with predictable codes, suggesting that the native characters need direction as well as domination from the white Northerners. Miami's most widely used tourist attraction of the 1910s followed this logic as well. Coppinger's Tropical Gardens, Alligator Farm, and Indian Village was found not necessarily on the outskirts in the city, but rather in the center involving downtown, where out-of-town guests and prospective real estate consumers could discover an "exotic" demonstrate within an urban environment. Henry Coppinger would display Florida's wildlife only to demonstrate its containment through human domination. Getting captured alligators by hand inside the Everglades as well as brought them to the "Farm," he would wrestle them facing captive audiences (Ammidown 241). (2) The Particular swamp-life in which Coppinger had been in any position to subdue, commodify, and citify--the "mighty army associated with fish" which within fact had sent eighteenth-century explorers back again for you to Europe with terrifying tales--would be ritually place down, as if in a continual replay of colonial history (Bartram 118).

So your problem is, how does the particular so-called underworld imagery interact with Orientialism being an increased fascination with Araby and the Orient swept the country in the 1910s and 1920s? Florida developers, architects, advertisers, along with filmmakers the majority of definitely found on this trend--an understandable phenomenon, considering that references to Chinese literature, Indian architecture, as well as Egyptian trend (for instance) signified "high culture" and steady history. They could camouflage their backwater status through building up their Moorish foundation. Getting the actual region's films as a possible example, it is clear, however, that one "screen" had certainly not been replacing another. Indeed, the majority of films incorporated alligators with Hindu temples, a deserted beach with a walled palace, or perhaps island natives with Aladdin's lamp. so those two teams of images had been folded into one another rather than placed throughout opposition.

The Fox film The Particular Jungle Trail (1919) provides an superb example of such obfuscation. It tells the story of Robert Morgan, any gallant (but not wealthy) The Large Apple city man which travels in order to foreign lands in order to make the money--and hence the particular love--of a society girl. He is actually duped straight into going to Africa (to Miami's tropics) to end up being able to hunt with regard to tiger skins, and then find himself attacked through Zulu hunters (Miami residents wearing leopard skins), pursued through snakes, encompassed by angry village natives (Miami residents carrying spears), and trailed simply by alligators. (Alligator-wrestler Henry Coppinger served as becoming a stand-in for that actor during this latter scene.) The Particular film's centerpiece, however, can be a Hindu temple (a set built-in Miami) which provides both refuge and showdown site. Here, Morgan falls in adore using a temple virgin, is labeled an infidel then a new god, as well as steals a sacred jewel along with which he can return with renewed chance to win the actual love regarding his coveted American woman.

The Jungle Trail's narrative can be obviously compelling, as well as at least worth contemplating. Nevertheless it's only part of your story: this film is the majority of instructive whenever we realize its use regarding architecture as "film set" along with Orientalism as spectacle. Your Hindu temple which ended up constructed of "impermanent materials," often referred to always be able to in accounts as "papier mache," with an artificial lake within the small Miami enclave involving Spring Garden had been the actual "most impressive" a component of the production as well as drew crowds during the shoot (Eaton 6). local merchant John Seybold took the chance to capitalize in this interest and also made a determination to build a real house--a replica any certain one could live in--when the particular set came down. That had been designed by esteemed architect August Geiger as well as immediately offered for you to Charles O. Richardson, formerly a journeying actor whom had moved to Florida throughout hopes of being a film exhibitor. while not necessarily almost as elaborate as the original, which in turn may be described as "a cross between Solomon's temple as well as the Taj Mahal," your home's front looked just just like a facade and also its dug-out lagoon remained, becoming a "local canal" (Smiley 4). the temple had a couple of big symmetrical wings branching out from the main two-story base, that itself boasted "twin octagonal towers" topped using domes and then finials (Eaton 8).

Spring Garden's major attraction do inside fact become a tourist spot for a amount of decades and the fan mail for that nationally seen film would make it safely to be able to its destination when addressed to always be able to "Hindu Temple, Miami, Fla." By Simply the actual 1960s, local folklore been with them that auteur D. W. Griffith had directed the actual picture, not necessarily the significantly lesser known Richard Stanton--a "fact" the Miami Herald even reinforced (Smiley 4). Jungle Trail's Hindu Temple shows how filmmakers, builders, along with architects collaborated to promote South Florida via the spectacle in the Orient, whilst additionally invoking certain aspects in the "underworld" only to re-invent it as exotic for its regenerative possibilities. The idea was apparently easier to expel the "Southern backwater" if it was projected "over there" into the African continent and in addition the ancient Hindu village. As instructive since this chapter inside Miami's history is, Charles Richardson's seemingly straightforward role as resident should not be overlooked. While somebody that found its approach to Florida using the dream associated with becoming a movie exhibitor, he found the require for maintaining your film regarding Jungle Trail alive. by living inside the temple, he ended up being each exhibit and exhibitor. With Richardson, according to any 1967 Miami Herald article, hopes regarding seeing "priests toss[ing] the actual princess[es] towards the alligators" had lived on in the minds of out-of-town guests (Smiley 5).

Before turning towards the case studies, I must return to any major Florida figure, someone who (I contend) has been crucial for the region's architectural and cultural frontierism--William Jennings Bryan, with whom I began this article. like the actual protagonist within The Particular Jungle Trail, who discovered magic in a sacred jewel in a Hindu temple, Bryan found restorative power throughout Miami--just ha time. Because an empire builder and a city developer, his role has been key. He ended up the nationally famous figure, certainly 1 of your country's foremost Populists in the turn involving the century, that despite losing 3 Presidential elections retained his title since the Excellent Commoner. (3) He became the disgraced man when Woodrow Wilson forced him from his Presidential administration throughout WWI for his pacifist stance along with vocal criticisms. Simply By 1922, Bryan was aggressively promoting Miami real estate. It can be difficult to resolve the contradiction which this was the same man which had expended the particular far better part of his profession fighting moneyed interests, conservative elites, as well as US imperialism.


George Merrick had hired Bryan to advertise your concept of the six international villages regarding Coral Gables and furthermore to carry out every day lectures to busloads associated with prospective purchasers which in turn the actual developer transported within from major cities across the nation (McKenzie 98). Bryan would stand on a float in the lagoon-style man-made "Venetian Pool" and also tout "the virtues of Florida and also its climate." Regarding this, he earned $100,000 any year, half throughout cash and also half inside property. While Bryan died in 1925, he left out well over 100,000 acres involving territory throughout his estate, which he had begun getting up in association having a corporation called the Dade Muck Property Organization (McKenzie 96-100).

It is very most likely that he believed their own message; he had a certain vision for a utopian, environmentally minded community. Indeed, Bryan, that had always been considering progressive communities as a Chautauquan, had undergone a new conversion toward American Transcendentalism and also attracted hundreds for you to his bible class each and also every week at Coconut Grove's Royal Palm Park. Regarding Bryan, then, such as thus many of these pioneers, South Florida was obviously a website involving re-invention. He required this space in order to always be able to re-build his economic resources and also re-find his public persona. Indeed, he necessary to acquire what he had been selling, if Florida was likely to supply him self-transformation. Any time he left Wilson's administration, Walter Hines Page, your US ambassador in order to England, called him "a 'dead' man which hadn't yet read his obituary" (Kazin 239). Bryan had lost three presidential elections (in 1896, 1900, 1908) but he had were in any position to survive inside the hearts of many since the champion of "every tiny farmer and wage earner" (Kazin 4). Within his situation as Wilson's secretary of state, however, because he questioned the president and the all his cabinet regarding what he deemed his or her jingoist jargon and for gearing as much as type in Globe War I, he had been doomed to be cast like a political outsider (Kazin 232-41). Ultimately, he resigned his position and also embarked on a national speaking tour, urging his listeners to participate the anti-war movement. Following several years involving travel, he settled within the Miami suburb associated with Coconut Grove and made his handle Merrick to sell the actual "City Beautiful." Bryan became any conduit by means of which usually your real estate, architecture, landscaping, as well as furniture as well as rugs could probably be sold. Since a part of the spectacle, he helped brand name Coral Gables.


By hawking Coral Gables, Bryan ended up being helping not only to popularize the Orient, nevertheless to pull it a lot more firmly in to the orbit with the Western imaginary. In Which is, he caused it for you to be appear each a lot more exotic (by comparison) and less exotic (by association). Regarding the actual six sections of the city, one neighborhood ended up being called the Chinese Village. Another 5 had been the French Town Village, French Nation Village, French Normandy Village, Dutch South African Village, and also Florida Pioneer Village. Designed by architect Henry Killam Murphy, the actual Chinese village compound ended up being (and still is) surrounded by a concrete wall using bamboo ornamentation. There were merely eight houses completed just before the remainder in the section was abandoned (due towards the Excellent Miami Hurricane involving 1926 and the Great Depression). These kind of houses have blue-tile roofs with pagodas as well as detailed latticework. Merrick's conceptualization, founded around the notion that prospective purchasers might be attracted away from your prevalent Mediterranean Revival style in which dominated the actual region, looked in order to more "exotic" alternatives when compared with France, Italy, along with Spain--such as China along with South Africa--in order for you to seduce investors. Bryan assisted unite these disparate styles, and additionally the "places" these people represented, in a narrative of progressive reform. "The Town Beautiful" was not only a tag range regarding Coral Gables, nevertheless the nationwide movement. Throughout this way, he assisted Merrick near the deal.

Once Upon a Time

As Bryan produced efforts to advertise Coral Gables throughout 1921, Ruth Bryan Owen chose to produce, write, and also immediate the girl impartial film, Once Upon any Time, within Coconut Grove. The Particular feature film ended up being exhibited locally several times within 1922 as your woman searched to find a new York distributor; then, when the girl had absolutely no success, the girl marketed the particular legal rights towards the Society for Visual Education in Chicago. Today presumed lost, it had been the girl only cinematic endeavor. Your Woman would quickly grow in order to be certainly one of the actual country's few female congresswomen of the twenties, plus 1933, your woman ended up being appointed Ambassador to Denmark. The Girl film is best observed in continuity with her community-building activities as well as political organizing, a new claim supported by the private correspondence along with news clippings that document the project. (4)

At the particular chronilogical grow older of thirty-five, Owen arrived at Miami inside 1920 because her 2nd husband, British Significant Reginald Altham Owen, had contracted Bright's Disease throughout Globe War I. They Will necessary any climate pertaining to him to convalesce inside during his couple of remaining many years along with came to her father's Coconut Grove estate, Villa Serena. This specific wouldn't normally have been her 1st choice, as the lady had been disinherited through her loved ones years earlier when she had married her very first husband, any Chicago painter. At this point, Ruth Owen had 4 children, such as 2 from the woman's previous marriage, and she has been self-supporting, drawing a new salary from the grueling public lecture schedule. The Lady was obviously a traveling Chautauqua lecturer, continuing the actual legacy involving her father who had origins in the utopian lecture circuit. The Girl financed this film only with the income from her speeches (McKenzie 107-108; Vickers 59).

Owen had been also emerging from the period involving time associated with the woman's life which had signified her "transformation from 'proper' wife into activist," based on Sarah Vickers (50). (5) The Lady had spent several years upon the front lines with the war, having served as an operating-room nurse within Egypt, and she had traveled through "India, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, as well as Japan" as soon because the war ended (58).s Having currently lived abroad for a range of time, she noticed this as the girl final foreign tour, the last sojourn that will her invalid husband would be in the position to share with her. Your Ex experiences in these Center Eastern and Asian countries informed certainly one of your ex many famous travelogue speeches, entitled "Modern Arabian Nights," that she gave all through 1920 and which partly inspired her to adapt the actual seventh-century tales directly into a movie (Owen files, Historical Museum).

Little is well known about what really happens within Owen's film, but active evaluations relate the plot involves a couple of Shahs, person who is overthrown (William V. Little) as well as the particularly sadistic invader (Bernhard Gutmann) who usurps him and, following narrative form, repeatedly sentences fair maidens to be thrown to the crocodiles. Within the finale, your original Shah (who may be presumed dead) returns just in time in order in order to save the actual heroine Shahrazad through facing your ex crocodile as well as he takes his rightful seat involving power (Kelly 207).

Once Upon a new time had been filmed in a number of estates and also villas in Coconut Grove along with key Biscayne, which includes the James Deering Estate (now known as the Vizcaya Mansion), Bryan's personal Villa Serena, and William J. Matheson's Mashta House. Vizcaya is actually Italian within design, while Villa Serena can be Spanish Mediterranean, but there will be certainly reason to believe that the majority of the actual footage taken with these areas ended up being shot looking to the Biscayne Bay. Within other words, these two estates provided water scenes. Mashta House, which usually sat alone about a private island across the bay along with ended up being available only by simply forge of empires cheats diamonds boat, served since the major backdrop. This specific agricultural refuge, named "Mashta Point," was filled swampland in which sat off with the barrier sand island, key Biscayne (all involving which has been owned through Matheson). W. J. Matheson, whom had made his fortune in the chemical business and had settled there via Extended Island, was establishing coconut plantations in the region. He built Mashta House in order to resemble a property which he had seen whilst taking a trip about the Nile River with his escort along with Coconut Grove-neighbor Arthur Curtis James (reportedly your "second richest man throughout America") (Parks 54). Your home's title implies "Resting House" and "Where Waters Meet" throughout Arabic as well as the entire estate appeared to float mystically up out in the drinking water (Blank, "Architectural Legacy" n. p.). (6)

Mashta Residence might have provided an perfect setting regarding once On a Time, having its open ceilings, expansive ballroom, as well as travertine marble floors (Blank, Crucial Biscayne 130). by your 1950s, Mashta Home had been destroyed with a series of storms, however photographs remain as testimony to its scale and also mystical atmosphere. Its downstairs open-air living rooms boasted gilded walls, tropical foliage in heavy potted plants, and also cedar ceiling beams. Matheson, anticipating Frank Lloyd Wright, gave great care for you to deliver "the outside in" and to include indigenous materials into the structure's building. (7) Mashta Residence was, according in order to nearby historian Joan Gill Blank, "a custom-designed 'Moorish-style' palace envisioned being an entertainment mecca and island hideaway for that Matheson family as well as their guests" which included the actual "Mellons, the particular Vanderbilts, Carnegies, along with Fields" (Blank, "Architectural Legacy" n. p.). Based on private diaries from your early 1920s, it functioned as just such a fantasy-scape, the stage regarding piano parties, lavish food, and late-night yacht trips again over the bay for you to mainland Miami (Blank, Crucial Biscayne 130-31).

Picture a night time at the party palace, which generally included the piano audio associated with Matheson's cousin (and companion) Mae and even a performance regarding her composition, "Mashta Point." Blank writes, "At Mashta Residence with its golden walls, its Moorish arches, its elegant imported tiles, its exotic atmosphere, the nights were magical as vocal range voices joined Mae's music, drifting in balmy tropic breezes coming from key Biscayne towards the mainland. Moonlight glittered more than the actual water; stars and planets stood out just like diamonds against your black sky" (Key Biscayne 131). To Always Be Able To add in order to its mystique, the interior walls in the castle had been lined with "luxurious wall treatments" and "mysterious murals," many regarding which contained astrological symbols as well as references to become able to Egyptian tales. There were in addition much more cryptic inscriptions which, according to Beth Dunlop in the particular Miami Herald, "mak[e] the particular untold story behind your house ever more beguiling" ("Mystery," 3M).

It will be challenging to be aware of diploma to end up being able to that these wall coverings may have been visible, whilst backdrops, inside Owen's film; however it is obviously understandable why the lady would have desired to shoot Once Upon the time there. Inside fact, these murals could become answer to further unlocking Owen's contribution in order to South Florida visual as well as cultural history, as there is reason to think that she took the only remaining still photographs of Mashta house as well. These images, included inside a September 2007 exhibition involving never-before launched photographs coming from the private loved ones album with the Matheson collection, might function as the only surviving amateur photography regarding Ruth Bryan Owen. they would certainly be some of the just real remaining artifacts with the set of once On any Time.


There will be new evidence in which these photographs have been wrongly credited for an aerial photographer named Sherman Fairchild as well as were actually shot through Owen in time that she ended up being filming When On any Time. One of the significant reasons to attribute these interior shots to become able to Owen is that they've got usually been clustered in to be able to a pile together with Fairchild's photos, and yet Fairchild wasn't known to complete interior photography--only aerial work. By Simply technique of deduction, we may well ascribe them to Owen, who (for obvious reasons) would happen in order to be thinking about capturing the home's interior details. If this really is so, these photographs involving Mashta Point's architecture as well as furnishings could be a couple of involving the only, if not the only, proof Owen's amateur "visual style" in the actual early 1920s.

The photographs regarding Mashta Point provide 1 crucial link, from least, between the actual film and the house (as set). Right now there can always be a match between a publicity nevertheless for the film as well as one of the particular photographs which appears in the Matheson collection, proving (beyond virtually any doubt) the house served because the film's set.s This is distinct why Owen might have chosen this room--the solarium--for shooting. Its huge rectangular size, three-story height, open archways, as well as hanging curtains would have allowed for generous light and also fantastic control--it has been as close as she might arrived at a new ready-made studio without building one herself.

This hyperlink among once Upon a new Moment as well as Mashta Home is important in order to observe how the Owen and Matheson people functioned as pioneers in South Florida visual culture. Matheson, whom have been an industrial capitalist before settling in to his situation as Southern benefactor, was re-creating a website via his Egyptian travels, just as Owen was re-imagining the girl encounter of war-time Persia. Owen's efforts to find a set for her film were not therefore different from Matheson's interest inside developing a social space about Mashta Point. These People each were clearly interested in promoting the actual region and its organic resources; they furthermore appeared to be kindred spirits in the large event it stumbled on architectural taste and also style. Lastly, as well as perhaps many importantly, the filming of Once Upon a new Period and the weekend gatherings with Mashta house held a certain "visual broadcast" power: these people developed buzz. When combined, this promotional energy could have elevated exponentially.

Photographs associated with Owen's production were printed within the Miami Daily news and Metropolis upon a number regarding different occasions, reaching a much wider national audience as compared to her actual film, considering the incredibly lower amount of distribution your woman really received. Throughout this way, print journalism helped link film, architecture, costume, and community into the spectacle which transported effortlessly with other cities throughout the US. one extremely revealing figure regarding Miami's approach to salesmanship features to accomplish using this very fact: the newspaper, which in turn would eventually get to become the Miami Herald, stood a greater nation-wide circulation compared to local. the Miami Every Day news had the actual largest circulation of any newspaper inside the nation during the land boom. This simply makes sense when it will be understood as being a revenue brochure--as any document which was exporting "lies," some involving which could turn out for you to be true in the day and some associated with which usually could not.


For Owen, the key aim inside promoting As Quickly As On a Moment would happen in order to be to tout the merits associated with South Florida, its organic resources, climate, cosmopolitanism, and also its openness in order to new movements and also planned communities. Your Woman earned only 1 professional cameraman and also one actor through New York. everyone otherwise has been an amateur, such as the actual two hundred nearby extras, whom the lady dubbed the actual "Community Players of Coconut Grove" (Owen files, Parks collection). The Actual cast was inter-racial; many Bahamians and African Americans participated. Fellow activist Marjory Stoneman Douglas, that wrote the particular inter-title cards, penned a new newspaper article within Might 1921 entitled "Community Motion Picture is actually having its birth within Coconut Grove." Douglas declared, "If you need reveal answer for the problem of Exactly what will be a Community Picture?, then an individual better ask Mrs. Owen yourself.... but Mrs. Owen's thought is absolutely really simple, right after she's got described it. If the little theater movement would end up being a good results as becoming a result of community effort, why must not just a complete town find the way to have with each and every other along with produce moving pictures?" (Douglas 1). Almost All the female producer asks, according towards the article, can always be a volunteer effort and, if every little thing goes well, future films will yield community profit-sharing. Every Thing did not go well within regards to distribution along with hopes pertaining to a brand name new movement did not pan out. The Actual film could have, however, influenced Douglas Fairbanks's selection to produce The Particular Thief of Bagdad. Pertaining To although Owen was throughout New York, apparently receiving aid coming from D. W. Griffith inside the editing room, the lady encountered Fairbanks, that declared Lillian Gish had seen it and advised him it absolutely was "a veritable gem" (Dunlap files, Richter library).

There was, inside fact, a general wave regarding interest, a cultish fascination along with Arabian stories and also the Center East, sweeping the US. For example, the quantity of Showmanship films had been released from your mid teens for the mid twenties, such as Garden involving Allah (1916), Aladdin and the Great Lamp (1917), Ali Baba as well as the Forty Thieves (1918), Thief of Bagdad (1924), and also The Actual Sheik movies (Lynn 169). some theorize that historical along with political elements played a part. Persia has been catapulted into the actual first-world imaginary throughout 1921 when Iraq came beneath British control since the Ottoman Empire ended (Kroiz 585). the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922 furthermore contributed to a Egyptian craze, especially if this found architecture along with fashion.

These trends are generally reflected within the social activities with the women with whom Ruth Bryan Owen related throughout Coconut Grove. Together with many other organizations, Owen belonged towards the Housekeepers Club, which had originated like a conservation team and also by 1920 has been dedicated in order to civic programs, charity, as well as leisure. That They would frequently stage "Oriental Pageants" in that the women donned harem garb with regard to afternoon socials. One such Housekeeper's Club Persia pageant event served as a synergistic tie-in to be able to Owen's film by getting location in Mashta House. Photographs in the newspaper feature Owen's daughter, who, costumed and bejeweled and also captioned as "William Jennings Bryan's granddaughter," demonstrates any "Persian dance." Inside 1920, when the women necessary a fresh building, they will selected the Spanish Mediterranean style but set in regards in order to a series of fundraisers over your next several many years themed "Tour with the Orient." during these benefits, socialites would travel via estate to estate for any full day of East Asian, Egyptian, along with Mermaid (yes, Mermaid!) programs, staged by the women themselves. William Jennings Bryan would discover their particular whereabouts off from Villa Serena as well as onward these people would go to a "Oriental Tea Party," then to a demonstrate of "living images from the holy lands," to a "brilliant ball," therefore on. The favorite member of the Housekeepers Club, one who figured prominently in the society pages, ended up being nearby resident Mme. Nazira Alkazin, who was Egyptian-born along with would give occasional talks on her native food and culture (Owen files, Parks collection).

So image-driven along with performance-oriented ended up being the actual geographical space of South Florida that will there was clearly hardly any separation in between industry and leisure. were houses not truly meant to be party platforms? Were verandas maybe actually movie sets? might wall coverings help make good ad copy? Keyed towards the modernist moment, Florida, throughout fact, provided the actual map for both nouns to become able to merge into a conjoined verb--the "leisure industries." Helping to blur the actual gap inside the merger was the actual play with the actual Orient.

Once Upon the Place

Aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss understood this well as he built his planned neighborhood just up the path within North Miami inside 1926. The Particular city of Opa-locka was inspired from the Arabian Nights tale, and he would sometimes attribute his inspiration directly to Fairbanks's Thief of Bagdad Along With several public structures shaped as Baghdad Mosques, one hundred and five buildings went up in 3 years. Opa-locka, which had been territory in the Tequesta Indians (known towards the natives as Opatishawockalocka), spanned four square miles along with supports the record for the largest collection associated with Moorish architecture in the Western Hemisphere. In its new commercial center stood Metropolis Hall, an exotic palace having an interior courtyard along along with a "Princess Periezade" fountain, flanked by other buildings covered with sweeping domes, steeples, along with minarets. Area Hall's address was, yet still is, one that Owen would appreciate--777 Shahrazad Boulevard. Presently there ended up being an Egyptian Bank, a new fuel station, the hot dog stand, an archery club, and the only zoo in South Florida. Unrealized plans existed for a "Hotel Aladdin" along using a marketplace regarding "Stone Town Shops" inside the style regarding an Eastern bazaar (Lynn 176-82).

Curtiss, who had already launched a couple of various other cities, had arrive to Florida to try his hand in terrain development following playing an enormous role within the founding of the aircraft industry. Many recently, he had worked with the government throughout WWI to develop a seaplane, paving the way pertaining to Naval aviation. (9) His business has been the largest aircraft manufacturer world-wide throughout the war. Since together with Owen, Curtiss's move to Florida signaled a period involving self-transformation. What much better way to reinvent oneself rather as compared to to imagine a fantasy-town directly into being?

The builder encouraged his publicists to always be able to advertise Opa-locka as "a Town associated with Parts," which in turn means, according to architectural historian Catherine Lynn, what has buildings had been "all facade, all for the particular camera, which here was obviously a nevertheless camera for publicity shots" (170). Curtiss positioned full-page ads inside neighborhood newspapers that will evoked images of the story, such as you having a turbaned man surrounded by incense, containing any headline which read, "One thousand along with one reasons to become able to justify our statement that the investor [will be acquiring his money's worth]." However also, he ran ads straight referencing movies, such as copy which exclaimed, "Of program you've seen Douglas Fairbanks' Thief of Bagdad, having its prosperity regarding Oriental picturesqueness reminding one, indeed, with the famous illustrations to the Arabian Nights." (10) and to create Opa-locka look cinematic, Curtiss advised his architect Bernhardt E. Miller for you to approach his plans "in pictorial, painterly, along with narrative terms" as well as tell the story through the actual buildings "by method of mural decorations" (Lynn 170). He obviously found South Florida as each projection screen and portal along with styled Opa-locka inside a method that will "travel well." For him, I would argue, his city was an Arabian nights movie which in turn he was working for you to distribute out directly into some other urban centers throughout hopes of converting far-away spectators directly into proximate property buyers.

As part of Curtiss's marketing as well as advertising strategy, when he brought in prospective buyers, he transformed the tale straight into are living action, as he orchestrated "Costume Scandals," which are festivals with townspeople dressed as party revelers. Harkening again to nineteenth-century tableaux vivants, villagers would drape themselves around the particular crenelations of city Hall and also pose for photo stills that will he would then used in national newspapers regarding further publicity. Within their biggest spectacle production, Curtiss and Muller put their particular "city of parts" into motion, directing their own version of "The Thief of Bagdad meets The Fantastic Train Robbery (1903)."

They interrupted the particular inaugural journey of the "Orange Blossom Special," the luxury line regarding railway cars that often transported prospective clients from Miami in order to New York, by simply staging a holdup. Carl Adams, President of the Opa-locka Company, performed the role involving the "Grand Vizier of the Sheikdom of Opa-locka," staking out this local territory as his "empire" and, sword inside hand along with steed on call, herding passengers off the particular train (Muller Collection, Richter Library). They Will had been met from the villagers' very first annual "Arabian Nights Fantasy Festival," which concerned harem costumes, dancing, and also music, along with became identified by visitors and citizens alike as being a memorable bit of early Florida performance art (Fitzgerald-Bush 14, 16). the resemblance in between Curtiss's Opa-Locka imaginary (as exemplified through festival photographs) and Owen's publicity pictures regarding As soon As Upon the Period is actually striking. That can be as though their worlds were designed with the same relocating parts, as though Curtiss and also Owen reveal the same screen. Within fact, archival study shows that there's a strong link between your two: any tittle-known Manhattan-based urban planning expert named Clinton McKenzie was central for you to Opa-locka's development along with helped Matheson place the finishing touches upon Mashta Point.


Eventually Curtiss and his awesome architect Bernhardt E. Muller would have to abandon their particular plans, right after being hit hard through the great Depression, and consequently many in the buildings had been taken over along with severely altered by naval expansion during world War II. A Quantity Of buildings as well as houses remain along with city Hall nonetheless appears using its towering domes peeking strangely and lyrically as one approaches the particular Miami suburb, that is now seventy percent African American, very poor, and it has one of your highest crime rates within the United States. (11)


If it had not been for that Depression, a 2nd Arabian-themed community could have sprung up throughout 1926. Aladdin-Town, a new readicut cut community filled with pre-fabricated homes that might be "built in a day," has been getting planned with regard to South Miami-Dade County. That was being advertised inside the Miami Every Day news in boldface type as "Aladdin: A New City," along with genie imagery as its predominant value. (12) The primary promotional material, however, ended up being the actual revenue catalog which highlighted, associated with course, the product quality construction of the homes as well as the speed with which they will could possibly be erected, yet placed fantastic emphasis on Arabian iconography as well. The Particular visual energy of the design has been keyed into the tale regarding Aladdin and the magic lamp, mobilizing its most significant themes as well as narrative points. Your castle invokes the actual village square; the particular illumination with the lamp signals modern upgrades such as electricity; and the long journey in the protagonist can easily finally end in a new hometown tailor-made for his needs.

The organization marketing Aladdin-Town, which in turn has been located in Bay City, Michigan, ended up being quite practiced within the artwork regarding catalog sales. That had been in the enterprise enterprise since 1908 as well as ended up being an business leader throughout mail-order homes, which became very well-liked within the many years after WWI (Ruth n. p.). The Sovereign brothers, which founded Aladdin Homes, knew absolutely nothing about construction after they launched their business nevertheless certainly 1 of them ended up being an early advertising man and in which he had seen the actual good results of a friend's mail-order boat company (Ruth n. p.). He realized that if they could sell the concept they could sell the house. the Aladdin name was at fact chosen arbitrarily as well as had nothing to do with Arabian imagery until the 1920s when the brothers decided to capitalize on it simply by moving into Moorish architecture along with urban planning. Their Particular typical prefab home carried names such since the "Colonial-style Plymouth" or the "Kentucky Bungalow." The regular flooring strategy included two stories, 4 bedrooms, a pair of bathrooms, total along with fireplace, front porch columns, along with window blinds: every thing except the actual foundation.

The brothers' choice to always be able to design Aladdin-Town has been inspired by a "concept sales catalog" which in turn they had revealed in 1920. By then, their own catalogs had been "large, colorful affairs" more than one hundred pages long, based on historians Robert Schweitzer and Michael W. R. Davis (Ruth, n. p.). Your catalog were built along with a bold red front cover that featured an elaborate drawing of your genie facing away from readers and enticing these in to the book, using incense wafting as a lot as the top borders of the page. Introductory pages provided similar images, emphasizing your genie as any possible inviting host that waits in order to transport the customer into a mystical, faraway land. A Lot More usually as compared to not, this place was any subdivision of uniform tracts involving drained swampland. one spread carried the particular headline, "From the particular Pyramids to the Woolworth Building," connecting the company's current industriousness to the timelessness associated with ancient Egypt.

After the first few Araby-inspired pages, the 1920 catalog reverts to the actual usual pitch regarding Cape Cod-style and Georgian homes, essentially revealing its own conceit. in 1926, however, since the Sovereign brothers took your main step towards promoting not simply individual homes but planned cities, it absolutely was time as well as power to brand name on their own own by simply using benefit of the Aladdin name. That They had conducted practically zero speculative land investment when they made a decision to launch six "readi-made" communities and also it was "their the majority of extensive real estate speculation" at any kind of time (Clarke Historical Society website). (13) Hopewell, Virginia as well as Birmingham, England would be 2 other planned cities, each involving which usually achieved with increased success. Your Florida town, meant to be any flagship city, was heavily identified with the business along with the community with the the majority of extreme theme. each city had been designed to adhere to a new separate theme, nevertheless almost all were complete, with schools, churches, hotels, banks, firehouses, roads, utility plants, and even sidewalks.

The organization began to end up being able to erect Moorish-style buildings, possibly sample homes plus some fundamental municipal properties, but not throughout time to suit the needs to beat the stock industry crash. The Particular Sovereign brothers had been forced to liquidate their Florida territory holdings with a main loss and they in absolutely no way again attempted this type of venture. A number Of associated with these Aladdin kit-homes remained inhabited until 1992, when they were destroyed by Hurricane Andrew (Lynn 182).

Aladdin-Town is truly a prime instance of the actual phenomenon with the Florida projection screen, and additionally the 1920s trend towards pioneering its backwaters into a reservoir regarding mystified images. The Actual Sovereign brothers supply an obvious illustration associated with cultural appropriation, particularly given that it did not occur in order to these to exploit the Arabian connotations of their business identify until it had been financially advantageous. They Will may furthermore be two figures whom entered from the outside hoping to help to make use of Florida as a site that would aid re-energize their particular identity. His Or Her construction of Aladdin-town was meant to assist reinvent the actual Aladdin Company. Although the Sovereign brothers failed to hold the elite status in the Bryan family, the Mathesons, or perhaps Glenn Curtiss, these folks were using cues via those reputable entrepreneurs, looking to attain achievement by simply following their empire creating model.

South Florida functioned like a colonial outpost through the land boom. It is actually not that simply Florida could are already this kind of a place at this kind of time; any person could make in which case for just with regards to any American area in the 1920s. Exactly what is remarkable concerning this region is usually that it was consequently very young yet so international in the identical time, so relatively unpopulated yet so rapidly constructed, and thus obviously defined but so immediately modern. Willa Cather mentioned "the globe broke throughout 2 in 1922 or perhaps thereabouts," claiming that inside a much more modem era, the actual greed and shallowness that will came with industrialism had changed the actual world--at least the girl world--irrevocably (v). Possibly it is no coincidence which Ruth Bryan Owen brought As Quickly As Upon a Moment to the screen inside 1922, marking a time regarding transition in her existence but additionally the broader turn within popular culture.

For somebody like Owen--looking in order to project herself in to a modern, industrial, yet idealist landscape--Florida introduced an optimal screen. As any fantasy-scape, its promises as well as possibilities always camouflaged its limitations until these folks were made undeniably evident simply by major hurricanes and the Depression. Owen sailed into Miami's port through a state involving displacement, seeking to rediscover any feeling of self. Through her community development, filmmaking, as well as politics, the girl discovered a new private and public identity, as do so many of those twentieth-century empire builders. By Simply pioneering outdoors property of Florida via Orientalism, these entrepreneurs fashioned a means to return on his or her own to America.

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University associated with Miami

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Cleaning up unsuitable member's will advantage your own clan in the extended run. Bear throughout mind there are million associated with various other player's out there. Understand to allow go.

Hope anyone enjoyed looking over this short guide, if you have any other strategies in which your own clan uses, feel free to leave a new comment below. Hoping for the success, Clash On!

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Tip: That will not seem sensible for your leading players to become able to attack the reduced players in the opponent's side for their own initial attack, let the lower finish players do that. Since the particular stating goes, pick about someone your own size!.

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Phase 1: Organization before Preparation Day

Phase 2: Preparation Day

Phase 3: X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy, Battle Day

Phase 4: Assessment, Submit War

Phase 1: Organization just before Preparation DayStep #1 - Discover Which Goes Being Active

This can be truly one in the most important step for fulfillment within Clan Wars. Since a new Leader, Co-Leader or perhaps Elder you needs for you to have a good concept of who's that in your clan. Knowing your members will assist anyone to determine who is inactive as well as which is going to be away for that Clan War.

Have a new system where the members need to notify any one of the leaders concerning being away prior to the war. Since preparation day for people is actually upon each Saturday, I usually distribute a new clan mail mid week as well as the day before, along with something over the lines involving let's realize if you will possibly be away with regard to clan wars this weekend. This will demonstrate up having a push notification in every member's gaming device that they have got mail within their inbox.

Step #2 - Perform A Clean Up

Inactive players dont do your current clan just about any good, yes these people build your clan look bigger yet bigger will not always imply better. I would rather use a clan involving 30 members along with tons regarding donations when compared with 50 members with twenty members without badge (which shows inactivity) along with 0 donations. An Individual like a leader have got to discover out to let go and find far better and more active players to consider their own spot.

Before I hit the particular Commence War button I request all of my co-leaders as well as elders if they have concerns someone getting also inactive through the week or anybody stating they will would be away for the war.

Once I get your self a set of names of players getting away or inactive I start to kick all of them out.

Here may be the kick message I type when I kick active players which are simply likely to be away for brief period:

You may find this step harsh butin fact it is actually actually not. Anyone want to get into fight with players which will use their a couple of attacks along with not only be an additional base for the enemy in order to obtain stars from. This may spend to word your members ahead associated with the kicking starts to stamp out confusion. soon it will become a regular procedure each as well as every week along with nobody will be concerned.

Once you've completed just about all involving the aforementioned take one final take a look at your own clan checklist to check which you haven't missed anyone. When you may well be confident... click about START WAR!

Tip: Dont accept just about any newbies into the clan on the day you would like to start out any war. The idea will be too early to tell what that will new recruit is like and when they might be heading to become active as well as inactive or even more serious case scenario be considered a hopper that will depart during the war and be dead weight. For You To stay away from this go to edit as well as flick by means of invite only, any person could be any component of until an individual come over the alternative closed then press okay. This will block out any players asking for to grow for you to be outlined on your current clan. you are usually still capable of invite players back again inside while the clan is actually closed.

Phase 2: Preparation DayPreparation day lasts for 24 hours.

Step #3 Ensure Clan War Clan Castles receive correct Donations

As soon as CoC provides discovered a person an opponent there is actually certainly usually any mad rush for you to donate in order to everyone's clan castle around the battle map. Settle your members down just before preparation day through announcing in order to everybody that folks using the highest level troops tend to be and then donate. Anyone might also explain that will donating for you to clan war clan castles won't offer you just about any expertise points just like typical every day donations, this usually refrains individuals through donating.

Thanks to a recent update if just about any member receives the incorrect troops they will might now delete the actual troops by themselves by simply clicking in their particular castle about the battle map and also striking the minus button about the troops that get been wrongly given.

What to place inside your clan castles is absolutely approximately your current members as they get to go away a request message on what they want. My clan personally varies member for you to member among max dragons, max wizards, max witches using max archers or even max barbs as top ups. Your Own member knows their base greatest consequently allow these people to select what they want with regard to war. Except if they need healers, wall breakers and also giants as defense then I provide anyone with permission for you to slap them.

Tip: Remember, clan war castles around the battle map are usually for protection merely as well as usually are generally not the troops you take along with you in order to definitely attack opponents throughout clan wars, this is the thing that your current normal clan castle is for consequently make certain you request troops just before planning to always be able to attack.

Step #4 Prepare your current War Bases

Plenty associated with clans neglect having a great defensive war base. Simply remember by having an excellent defensive base inside clan wars prevents the actual enemy clan from obtaining maximum stars from one to add for their star total. Within the end the actual clan with the most stars wins right?

I could carry on forever in what is truly a excellent war base using plenty involving tips but I feel that deserves it's very own separate article. However, here tend to be a few crucial guidelines on a great war base to get you started:

Town hall will be well protected and also near the centre not necessarily away from walls.

Clan castle is placed somewhere inside the center as well as shut for the middle therefore it is harder or perhaps close to to end up being able to impossible for you to lure out troops.

Gold and elixir storages possess 2016 hp contemplate surrounding your important centre structures using them. This assists slow down enemy troops particularly dragons, since they are usually shooting down your current storages, your own defenses tend to be shooting all of them down.

Place traps where the enemy is prone to visit in your base. Properly placed traps can be the difference between 0 stars in order to 3 stars which are extracted from you.

There are loads of war bases to select from that will happen in order to be tested along with I generally just research Youtube for ideas. I may actually execute a video on my small own war base down the track. Under is an instance of a very productive base within clan wars (War Base: David from X-Loyal).

Just a few hrs before the preparation day ends, leaders needs to be checking every member's base 1 more time for just regarding any very final minute improvements.

Supercell's latest update provides provided players the particular capacity to save their war base. This particular means an individual do not have in order to change out associated with your normal base each time for each along with every war. Use the actual edit war base button inside the clan war region to always be able to edit your own war base.

Tip: Members ought to bounce suggestions along with suggestions involving one another for war bases, sharing your knowledge involving what works may benefit the clan immensely.

Step #5 Go over the Clan War Strategy along with ALL your own members

Every occasion a fresh member is recruited it will always be the occupation of the elders, co-leaders along with leader to make sure these people understand what your clan strategy will be before battle day. Right After a little while it will turn out to be second nature to each as well as every member and you can concentrate on various other such things as attacking!

I will go more than X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy in the subsequent stage as it is more suitable for the purpose why that section. but having a strategy is important if you wish to constantly earn week following week.

Pixel Gun 3D V10.1.2 MOD APK |Mirrors

Pixel Gun 3D V10.1.0 MOD OBB | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirrors

Previous Versions :

Pixel Gun 3D V10.1.2 MOD OBB |Mirrors

Pixel Gun 3D V10.1.0 MOD APK | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirrors

Pixel Gun 3D V10.1.1 MOD APK | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirrors

MultiPlayer Mode

WORLDWIDE and also local.unique maps regarding numerous forms along with sizes.Varied weaponry, ranging from Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle, Golden Desert Eagle and also Lightsaber towards the simplest things, in the actual event you would like in order to butcher someone having Pixel Gun 3D Hack a knife.Up to eight players in a new single game.Now chat is available! talk using friends right inside the battle!Challenging and thrilling encounter in which can definitely enable a person to get hooked!Cooperative mode features:Up to 4 Players in one game.Chat is available as well!8 particular maps.Hardcore gameplay.Coins as a reward for best results.

How to Install ?

Download and also Install ApkCopy data in order to Android/ObbOpen and Enjoy the Game


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Pixel Gun 3D V10.1.1 MOD OBB | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror | Mirrors

Download links :

Now you've an ideal chance to battle together using your friends, classmates and colleagues or even someone else across the world! An Individual may generate and also customize your own character using a unique skins maker then showcase on the battlefield! The idea is an awesome pocket FPS shooter regarding all kinds of players!

Pixel Gun 3D

Try Pixel Gun 3D inside MULTIPLAYER MODE using Cooperative, Deathmatch & Deadly Games! Additionally it is really a cool modern block world shooter using singleplayer marketing campaign as well as survival arena.

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Winks' 'The Blacks in Canada: A History'Smart Cars Come To GainesvilleFree tax help from the IRSCan your local gym be replaced by a video game?JAX terminal construction begins todayReaching the fifth Millennium Development GoalFinding Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island, IndonesiaMotorola Devour coming to Verizon shortlyCity of Heroes free server transfers extendedFebruary adopt an un-informed pet owner monthMavea: the next generation water filterMovie review: Single White Female 2: The PsychoGrammy red carpet arrivalsJapan gets standalone XBOX 360 250GB hard driveLady Gaga, Jay-Z, Eminem & more to record 'We Are the World' for Haiti relief (UPDATE)Sunshine in Seattle, Part 1Is this the end of the postmodern hero?Blame it on the lousy pet foodVoid Of Course Moon in February 2010Great places to go sledding in CharlotteRochester and Monroe County showing little flu activityWho's hot in the NHL?Country artists earn Grammy Awards in all-genre, folk categories; Steve Martin lands 'Bluegrass' winOprah Winfrey encourages safe driving with the 'No Phone Zone'Brain fitness is also an important part of overall healthThe Bachelor and Bachelorette updatesGen X, not Gen Y, most tech savvyJason Crabb receives first Grammy AwardThe joke that no one is laughing atShinedown gives new releases despite busy touring scheduleFamous Taiwan shaved ice shop closes: Ice Monster in Taipei unexpectedly shut downSiberia in winterSlow knitting to prolong the pleasure of the projectStimulus funds help to keep native language livingThe Dave Matthews Band fails to win a Grammy (video)Democracy or corporatism?The Mind: where's the Mute Button?Love in the Alaskan wilderness?For the birdsHealthier chocolate sauce and croissants make resolutions easier to keepMcCain's health care record: work within current systemsM51 Hubble remixThe colorful layers of the high desertRandom Formula Rankings Feb. Jindal weighs in-marketing bonanza-Part 4Jon Hamm shakes his groove thing as Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown on SNL (video)2010 Grammy Awards night in Los Angeles: The winnersTaylor Swift 4 Grammy wins include Album of the YearLady Gaga and Elton John duet highlights Grammys show but Beyonce and Taylor Swift win big (video)Predictions for the 82nd Annual Academy Award nominations a.k.a. In particular a biotech pullback from 3.34 to 1.70, yet on the heels of 220mil dealPA: Specter, Hoeffel, Wagner back medical marijuana at SummitTax assistance program for residentsBatavia Players to make Harvester center homeNeed a break? Try out Kid Escape.Archaia announces new Fraggle Rock miniseriesPrince and Paris Jackson are the highlight of the Grammy AwardsThe opportunity of a lifetime for local favorite Bigg NezThis week's locations for free spay/neuter clinic & mobile adoptionsSenator Mark Leno introduces religious marriage protection billGuilderland Town Board member Warren Redlich announces run for New York state governorCost of youth sports can be staggeringOne-handed half-frogBillboard chart number 1 the day you were bornSeveral hundred thousand tickets left in Disney's "Give A Day. 9Toyota Recall updateRasmussen poll shows a significant bounce for President Obama following State of the UnionGrandparenting and its effects on our healthAre state representatives going to put work-at-home moms out of business overnight?"Is this your best work?" A case for professional developmentFebruary 1st - Imbolc and Lughnasadh SabbotsHound Hike at Castlewood Canyon Franktown Colorado Dog NewsFinding balance in a hectic scheduleCargo theft from Tractor Trailers on the rise prices will rise in storesHave that drink: it is good for you!Sizzling at BenihanaInfo 101: using brand namesEminem and Jay-Z sweep Hip-Hop GrammysFree trial classes this week at the Jewish Community Center on the Upper West Side!Washington hosts Rajon Rondo and the Boston CelticsWilliam Harris: Founder of the African Baptist Church of Huntsville Alabama Women, their faith and their place in societyFebruary is Youth Leadership MonthMontreal - Boston/New York High Speed Train Link in LimboMonday Motivation for 1 February 2010Vince Wilburn Jr and Erin Davis represent Miles Davis Properties at NAMM ShowWhat is Selective Mutism Disorder?PETA activists get Johnny Weir, Olympic hopeful to change from fox to faux furDoes Vancouver really need the sex trade promoted for the Olympics?Weekend Box Office Roundup: 01/27/2010-01/31/2010Sneak Preview: Kardashians design for BebeMore auditions and performances in store for Michiana residentsChina angered over US-Taiwan arms agreementAkron Battered Woman's Shelter provides many servicesCelebrating Black History MonthWest Elm urban home decor opens first location in Chicago February 3Opera Lafayette to perform Gluck's Armide tonight!Kids eat free at Knightdale IHOPBasic insurance policies for business ownersFormula One 2010 previewBun B Releases 'Pants on the Ground' Remix along with new 'No Mixtape' ProjectToyota Recall expansion to: Corolla, Highlander, Matrix and VenzaThe Fundred Dollar Bill Project at the ASU Art MuseumGroundhog Day: A Sense of Dj vuDating on the clock: Speed dating in VancouverThe Mommyista and I Heart Coupons! help Tampa Bay moms save doughSpotlight on: 'Inspired by Julie Personal Training' for brides and brides-to-be Part 2 of 2PJ's Wine and Spirits recommendations for FebruaryCurrent laws complicate U.S. And PredictionsTire pressure sensors: How to avoid the newest cluster confusion!Great ways to visit San Francisco's museums: for free, at night or just for funHorrible Grammy fashion: an opinionHow to become an enemy of the US governmentSuffocation at the House of BluesGeneral Electric - renewable & sustainable energyFirst Tuesday at Dallas Museum of Art'Pirate Radio' DVD to hit shelves April 13, 2010Dare I say... Capitol BuildingThe award no one wants: Razzie nominees announcedCreate a free online baby book blogLearn about wine at local wine stores in FebruaryU.S. to make dinner at Fresh Prep KitchensMalaia World Lounge: the best of both worldsBrand new 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' DVD version announced by BordersComparing hospitals in ColumbusMass Effect: Redemption Volume 1 Free on iTunesMedical marijuana bill passes in Colorado SenateUtah DABC Secrets 101: Part 2 - What do they sell?Monty Python political wisdom & more: Video collectionSarah Palin is her own biggest fanSavoy Kitchen and the best Hainan Chicken RiceUSC men's basketball review and this week's Examiner top 25February play previewWade Bowen makes history in TexasSupermodel designs with vintage in mindPatrn tequila drink recipes for cocktails to be served at Maxim's Super Bowl partyDaddy-daughter dance in Blue SpringsGroups and their stagesOnline hub for the unschooling lifestyleNCAA Men's BBall Examiner Poll: Feb 1stBioshock 2 trailer to debut on Jimmy FallonREVIEW: Silent http://www.facebook.com/wizard101 Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP)Shock! Tenthers go 3 for 3 on Health Care Freedom in VA SenateThe Statehouse today: Gun law change proposedBoombox at Gran Star JazzNorth America's Largest Environmental Film Festival comes to SacramentoPA Progressive Summit 2010: Impressions of the Specter vs. 6-7 in the Florida KeysPotty training 101: Can babies do it?Pope Benedict plans a trip to England--to steal sheep?Head of White House's National Drug Control Policy here to study 'Positive Choices'Valentine's Day Gifts for Children for $1Spielberg to direct Quinto...as Gershwin...?Roundup of Washtenaw education news headlines, from parental involvement to student aid fraudLocal 8 year old shows Haiti the love of ChristQuick breakfast idea - organic toast with honeyGear ring perfect for gear heads (video + photos)Challenges....getting over them to get stronger!Groundhog Day lessons regardless of weather in Corpus ChristiHigh End "Straw Buyer" Mortgage Fraud Scheme- ExposedHow Can Hypnosis Help Obesity in Children, Teens and Adults?Risotto alla MargheritaDePaul Sports RoundupIsotopes player pool grows even largerCity of Heroes extends free character transfersLightning's Ohlund gears up for fourth Winter Olympics with Team SwedenJapan getting 250GB Xbox 360 hard drives sold separatelyRutgers Scarlet Knights news and notesMoustache Jim and the Straight Razors live at Lee's Liquor LoungeMichael Jackson's children accepted an award at the 2010 Grammys for their dadThe Toyota fixHowie Mandel to replace David Hasselhoff for Season 5Video: Glenn Beck warns of threats to the President's life without acknowledging his own rhetoricSound HealingMuay Thai seminar coming to Burr RidgeKey West house tours celebrate 50 years of preservationPractical joke, guest stars end BetteFebruary is Heart MonthMenendez not the only US Senator facing recallSupermodel Kate Moss launches Longchamp luxury handbag line at Paris Fashion WeekThe Sky This WeekGet Punxsutawney Phil's Groundhog Day forecast via text messageMilitary symbols and what they meanFinal Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 to span 3 discs'Jersey Shore' cast invades 'Today,' 'Access Hollywood,' and moreUpdate: Rip Torn heads for rehab after being charged with bank robberyEasy spicy chicken breast recipeGrammy video: Lady Gaga, Elton JohnSan Francisco's historic Ghirardelli Square reimaginedCelebrating February in Fort WorthHave fun with Groundhog Day February 2, 2010Toyota recall list should see fix soon according to Toyota press releaseThe Dive N Restaurant/Trend Magazine OnlineTwo storms with the same problem: Snow or staying southTurboTax offers free Twitter help during tax seasonHeart health for women over 50Olympic spirit starts with Spirit Week February 11-18 in PoCoBigger waste of time Sunday Night - Grammys or Pro Bowl?Grammy Awards 2010: Rock chic blunt bangs like Katy Perry and Jennifer HudsonBoeing predicts futureRalston signs as player/coach with AC St. 6Support your local open micsKids ground hog week activitiesBaltimore amateur arenacross revisited, the Kendall Chase StoryDON'T BRING HOME A WHITE BOY explores why black women just say no to interracial loveBREAKING NEWS: U.S. the Lakers are getting tough?The New "It" Sandwich" at Bakesale BettyAttend dismissal hearing of hijab lawsuit in DetroitTerps stumble against Clemson, 62-53Enter Santa Clara Valley Water District drawing by March 31 to win $500 in water-wise plantsEthiopian airliner black boxes elude searchersDVD Review: RomaWinter Fun at Withrow Park in TorontoDenver Elections 2010 ExaminedHow to avoid winter weight gain & trim down by springSF author Kage Baker 1952-2010Cheap and Free wireless phones for Low income families in KCThe Coopers Tavern in Madison: A Plethora of Local and Craft BeersValve: Steam sees record number of users in 2009Cogs review - a tile puzzle game that involves building instead of just slidingDelta's MSP Headquarters is up and runningAxl Rose delays concert for two hoursGrammy video: Jackson kids accept awardA Laughter Games workshop - in IsraelFaulkner's 'Light in August' among Albuquerque favoritesReligion: Idaho Baptists arrested trafficking children in HaitiNo reunion for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt; Brad and Angelina appear together at DGA AwardsAutoMD delivers as advocate for owners needing car repairsYoga practice for teensUnhappy Valentine's Day?Win a Magic Bullet To Go blender, just in time for the SuperbowlEnforcement of Phillly law requiring nutrition labelling on menus begins todayJunkyard GamesNiacin for detox and lowering cholesterolWWE Hall of Famer Jack Brisco passes awayGrammy Awards style awardHaunted Knickerbocker Hotel: Webisode 20Toastmasters is the perfect test market for your important presentationLeapFrog learning, imagine the possibilitiesImagination will get you everywhereToyota will begin this week to fix sticking-accelerator problem on 2.3 million vehiclesVegas Scene: Dion set to move back to ColosseumSome to chew on. living the BibleThe Best Practice InstituteRobert Pattinson rumored to film in upstate NY, will attend 'Remember Me' Premiere March 1st'Avatar' scheduled to get pulled from 3D screens in Denver in MarchIs Toyota's pain Ford's gain?The Global Economy workshop in Hampton RoadsFree tickets to Symphony of the SouthwestHerschel Walker wins first MMA fight by knockout (video)Earl of Sandwich does hot sandwiches 24/7Strikeforce's Scott Coker sets future title matchupsRoyal Canadian MountiesChiropractor charged in health care fraud caseThe Grammy winners in the Jazz categoryFleetwood opens online registration for "drive your toys to Illinois" rallyFree Screening of "The Killing" at the Tower TheatreToyota announces details of unintended acceleration fix, recall procedureCelebrate Black History Month with your kidsRunning Yogini of Parker combines Yoga and running for unique approach to coachingFree dentistry is available to those without insurance through Dentistry From The Heart organizationDo the Saints have a historic chance? Super Bowl first-timer recordsObama visit to NH on heels of budget releaseNew comic book release 1/27/10Classic films in focus: The Lady Eve (1941)Video: Michael Jackson's children accept award at the Grammy's on his behalfWorld-Class prime rib makes two Wilmington restaurants culinary destinations in Delaware!Md. to host Texas AmateurTexas Bar exec board votes against attorney PLI disclosureHistorical Steakhouse could be a Man's Home away from HomeDevour Downtown Winterfest IndianapolisThe Weekly Snitch: Feb. watch: 02/01/2010In With The Old and In With The New! - Varied Broadway and Off-Broadway optionsDWTS 2010 cast: Olympic gold medalist and diving legend Greg Louganis?A Valentine's Day Improv Comedy - Denver ColoradoManners, matter in OaklandChristian video games gain recognitionAccessories and fashion at the Grammys 2010Casco Bay YMCA Zumbathon fundraiser in FreeportFlush toxinsthe natural wayWhat disasters may bringFlorida: Rubio opens wide lead on CristWedding Tipping Etiquette part 1 of 4 on Matrimony Medley Monday!A time gone byAlzheimer's, finding supportNighy, Van Gogh, and WhoFlorida's Freshwater Frontier (video)Groundhog Day is tomorrow; Mona not likely to see her shadowLocal Option: Q&A with Rian Hill of North Pond15 questions -- and the company's answers -- about Toyota's sticking-accelerator recallGrammy Awards 2010 winners - complete listTyson Griffin eyeing return at UFC 115Wizard buys Cincinnati comic and anime conventionVideo: The three best core exercises for triathlon speed and strength in 2010Ken Mansfield appears at Seattle's Columbia Winery on the 41st anniversary of the rooftop concertCowboys sign return specialist Titus RyanWhat was in the state of the union for small businessPennsylvania prognosticator punxsutawney phil purposefully peers to present weather prophesyComfort me with blue cheese sauceMayor Bloomberg's latest health initiative: Reduce SaltCold frames and plant covers- getting an early start10 Foods You Should Always Eat After Your WorkoutWKU may land highly regarded Manatee (FL) QB Brion CarnesEfren 'Bata' Reyes is still 'magical' at 55; wins 5th Master of the Table crown in Indiana + videoSuper Bowl beer lineup: New Orleans vs. Shane, "The Mentalist," reading and entertaining in Tampa BaySometimes you just need your Buddy'sFebruary 1: Peaceful sit-ins change American history2010 XBIZ Awards nominees, Sexual Enhancement Product of the YearGrammy video: BeyonceMeal Plan Monday 2-1Do you want a kiss?How to Choose Home Care, Assisted Living or Adult Foster CareTea and Crumpets? No, no - Tea and Cupcakes!!Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor: French kiss?Tila Tequila deletes Twitter account, slams Perez HiltonLocal Chef Profile Lisa TookerAmateur golfer caught with PEDOlivia's in Burbank will Salsa for Haiti this ThursdayOscars noms announced tomorrow, who will and should be nominatedThe debate on diet and ADHD behaviors continuesValentine's day IdeasWeekends in Wine Country, Santa Ynez styleSalotto Ristorante & Wine Bar in Delray Beach serves up sheer Bliss tonightHappy hour on The HillSaw XVIIIIIGiants sign Byung-Hyun Kim to minor league deal, Garko signs with MarinersNew video of Tink the two-legged dachshund'Cake Boss' renewed for third seasonBistro Mezzaluna Fort Lauderdale's neighborhood bistro serves up something specialSouth Florida men's fashionOakland resident Amy Sarabi on Project Runway Season 7Shane Mosley on Floyd Mayweather fight: "He really didn't want it."2010 Olympic Peak to Peak Gondola'When in Rome' co-stars Bell and Shepard are engagedMeet "The Crazy Dog Lady" at Rollstone Studios in FitchburgWe Ain't No Good at Dissin'Aromatherapy Guide: Essential Oil of EucalyptusMifsud leads Gwinnett to victoryArbaeen of Imam HusseinJoshua Bell and Jeremy Denk at The ParamountEnglish flying lead changesBethany Joy Galeotti: The CW's rising starHaiti ShelterBox Benefit features wine, cheese and music at Scotts Valley gallery opening6-foot-11 Serbian-born player commits to StanfordWOM Slam 5 networking/social media/marketing event for DC folks Feb 3rd 2010JC Raulston Arboretum Winter Garden Lecture and Tour, Sunday, February 7, 2010For the love of art openingsDEC offers household tips for saving energyFive Ways to Keep Your Fitness Routine FreshAngelina Pivarnick returns to 'Jersery Shore'. Blige, Maxwell, Dave Matthews Band, MJ tribute & Pink!Ken Block makes his Ford racing debut; things go poorlyCareer Focus: Sports Medicine and Medical School -1 of 2'American Idol:' Adam Lambert jokes about Grammy outfitPresident Obama's approval rating rises following State of the Union addressGroundHog's Day Chestnut MartiniRuby news: Ruby on Wednesday's Oprah; season 3 starts Feb. officials discuss efforts to strengthen aviation securityFalling in love all over again - a quick winter trip through the Pawnee National GrasslandBlack History Month and housing discrimination in Long BeachWizard101 offering special $60 promotionFuture Goals in RelationshipsReview of Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon 2008Underneath a cloudless skyFull list of 52nd annual Grammy Award winnersSinger Kirsten Underwood finds 'Redemption' on latest EP: Part II7-Eleven CEO talks going undercover on The Oprah Winfrey ShowComic Review: Captain America Reborn #6Dealing with a loved one at a time of crisis or setbackFrank Granato's Importing in SLC serving excellent sandwichesU.S. 14 Indiana, 22-13Ice skating great for fitness and family funChildren bundle up for mini-OlympicsSolar Permit Fees Increase in San DiegoApple iPad: What it can do for the design professionalJust how significant is Canada's disappointing performance over the week end: the Monday commentaryLetter to the Pagan community about Haiti reliefHeads up - get over to Peruvian Embassy, Pisco Sours this Monday evening 6pmMary J. Attorney in James O'Keefe case steps asideRose Alley Ale House: Live music, great drinks & amazing foodThe basics of Houston urban art"Edge of Darkness" : Mel Gibson returns to the big screen in a taut, exciting thriller. The Susan G. Crist approves $32.6 million budget for Florida's space industryColorado Senate passes bill to further regulate medical marijuanaArboretum Music School lessons hit sweet notes in WaunakeeThe cost of owning a horse in Los AngelesGrassroots Launch "Adam" Bomb on Illinois Tax and Spenders With AndrzejewskiCultivating entrepreneurs is the best way to create jobs in AllentownThis Little (Compact Florescent) Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine!One body, many parts-answering letters in Aurora, ColoradoReds trade Taveras, Rosales to A's for Miles'Dancing With the Stars' cast to be revealed on finale of 'The Bachelor'City Secrets: Kansas City blues is now online twenty-four hours a day at KCOREasy beef enchiladas recipeSpecial on cat spaying--KY Humane in Louisville--don't miss itM.O.N.E.Y. animal sheltersStudy finds drinking tea may slim your waistlineWill Apple's iPad cause a revolution in educational books?Author Misa Ramirez on 'The Rainbow Side of Life'When its time to baptize your infantIt's not about you; improve your relationships and your life by not taking everything so personallyHazelnut Cake for Valentine'sUsing LinkedIn groups to expand your professional networkTexans draft watch: CB Kyle WilsonMake it a Michigan Valentines Day, Part 2ESPN Zone's new Super Bowl to-go ordersIllinois Republican Gubernatorial candidate stands up for developmentally disabledThe economy of compulsory schoolingExoPC unveils iPad-like tablet with netbook functionalityReflective Comfort: NASA inspired equipmentThe Prince George's County Arts Network (PG-CAN) Now FormingFrom Friday's biz opp - details hereDads supporting dads: meeting for fathers of kids with special needs Feb. Helens residentsNational and local competitions for gifted young NY inventors!Future assistant and more!Developing healthy children - part three.Lotus F1 Racing confirms launch date of February 12Beyonce shines at 2010 Grammys: recap and winnersRidge to keynote Lincoln Day DinnerStudy: Impulsive? Sugar to the Rescue!Green Goddess Consignment - Kitsilano's Newest Consignment BoutiqueEarth friendly design in San FranciscoNCAA: UCLA posts 196.6 against Arizona StateMonday Listings: Happy loving February!Mariah's 'Up Out My Face' remix video features Nicki MinajVideo games improve speed and intelligenceUtah Valley college students offer information about preparing sushiToledo Walleye top the Elmira Jackals in overtimeChicago Blackhawks January Review: Good, Not GreatDefensive handgun carry: A tale of two statesMariah Carey teams with Ne-Yo for 'Angels Cry' video7 steps to smooth, radiant skin- naturally-part twoVideo Review 2010 Mercedes GLK350 4MATIC: Just call me Chuck NorrisREI offering free shipping on skis and snowboardsPaul Wilbur, Haddash, & Presentation...Imperial County entry port records cocaine seizuresCarrie Underwood the only Idol to win at 52nd Grammy Awards"Live Sent" book reviewGet "Lost": Book a Flight on Oceanic 815! If you dare...Langston Hughes. 1)If You Venture to Houston's, You're In For A Great MealToxins may be in your sex toysPirates of the Burning Sea patch 1.22 on the horizonMedia Release from Toyota Motor Sales - 2.1.10Airbourne discusses their music being in video gamesThe U.S. : My own natural energy yieldShoppers receiving cell phone coupons at a fast clipMichigan old barn preservation tour and conferenceHouston bands receive tools for success at Caroline Collective's BandcampAudition Online looking for independent musiciansObama NASA budget: $19 billionFlying Dog's Double Dog Double Pale Ale D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-S all other pale ales. It's twin Mary Kate Olsen (creepy)Huun Huur Tu at Amoeba (superbowl alternative)Nora Roberts describes her cameo appearance in Lifetime's 'Nora Roberts' Angels Fall'Free Valentine's workout for you and your sweetcheeksUpdated list of "We Are the World" singers includes Eminem and Jay-ZA Soire for Success Fundraiser Celebrates Grand Opening of Dress for Success BoutiqueCFL Schedule Released: Edmonton and Toronto set to battle in MonctonChina officially bans dogs and cats from the menuThe benefits of fermented foodsSupreme Court puts corruption on steroidsWhat consumers would like to know about caloriesExcellent specials and customer service at Papa RazziReligious skepticism: What it is and what it isn'tRunway looks on a recession budgetMichelle Obama concerned about diabetesSuper Bowl 44 at Lucky StrikeWrath of the Lich King Ending Video UnveiledIndigo Children: The next phase of human evolutionCome one, come all, under five feet tall! Hennepin Theatre Trust hosts munchkin auditionsDuck hunter's DOG shoots him in the backDetroit Fantasy Basketball Update: Pistons rate a "D" in JanuaryDiversity For Equality: Teaching the youth equallyRonnie Wood leaves rehab and teams up with 30-year old polo player Ana AraujoInfertility is the death of a dream part oneProduct Review: Joan's Gluten-free Great Bakes English MuffinsThe 2010 Grammy Awards: Performances part 2 - The BadFinally ranked in both polls, Butler at 15, 23Searches at I-5 checkpoint yield $1.1 million worth of cocaineWhat became of the twelve Apostles?Day twenty six of 30 ways in 30 daysA committed woman's guide to staying true to yourself25 Lessons I've Learned (about photography) is now the #1 bestselling Photo Essay on Amazon.com!Beauty tip of the week: How to smooth roots and minimize frizz in hairAn interview with Reverend Charles Cournyea from Unity of BakersfieldLove yourself firstMayweather finally steps up to the plateAnne Hathaway discusses playing the White Queen and more in Alice in Wonderland2010 Razzie nominations include Sandra Bullock, Lindsay Lohan, and Megan Fox for Worst ActressNashville Oasis Center provides safe haven for troubled youthMiami's Transit Lounge is too cool"Stomping for a Cure" audition dates are confirmedTwo Canadians partially paralyzed after receiving the H1N1 shotSt. Are you choking?Humans as a resource for working with and learning about ADHDTony Papaleo - on Second City, Chicago Style Improv and the St. How'd she get that hot bod? P90X!City Secrets: University Circle is the place to visit first in Cleveland - Part 1Los Angeles Times bestsellers for Jan. 4 Ohio State beats No. LensethFive USC football recruits named PARADE All-AmericansKeswick Creamery introduces Tomme cheeseHonda opens new Solar Hydrogen Station in TorranceThrifty fashion find: Indulgems by Grace Chan are on sale beginning at only $14New Dershowitz charges against Goldstone reportHill Country's Canyon of the Eagles resort gets new owner"Bulk Up" On Bulk Foods at Santa Rosa's Community Market.Global human trafficking news roundup (Jan, 30- Feb.1, 2010)Hamas founder assassination: UpdateRegulations, si! Rules, no!2010 Grammy Awards red carpet fashion: Nicole Kidman shines in Prada (view photos)New communication system helps keep kids safe at school.An Islamic prophet's sayings of ChristIsrael's PM Netanyahu renewing Jewish claim to Judea-SamariaPalm Beach County Haitian Relief Effort: helping Haiti on a personal levelAssassin's Creed II: Discovery returns to the iPhone2010 Grammy Award winners list - women rocked the nightU.S. Just close your eyes and pray they go away!The sufferings of ChristUFO group reports New Zealand defence chief resistance to, final release of classified UFO documentsDeciding what kind of grandparent you will beSt. Sestak Senate Primary DebateMiguel Torres headed to Columbus, Ohio next weekWant a telephone call from Mickey Mouse at Disney World? Here's how to get one (and a sneak preview)ill.e.gal on being a women in hip hop and supporting marijuana legalizationYour Health and Dating Services in NYCPresident scraps billion dollar Constellation program at NASAHollywood Brazilian Film FestivalNancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity Down Under among new mystery series titles coming in February 2010Part 1 football log leading up to Superbowl XLIV, registrationAvatar: Cameron's title and HinduismSaint Motel announces the 2nd Annual Zombie Prom @ the Roxy, Feb 13thTruck Drivers uDrove digital compliance for your smart-phone available nowHyundai Starts Fire with Genesis CoupeNat'l Museum of African Art Hosts Book Club to Discuss THE THING AROUND YOUR NECKIf Obama had his way, he would anoint himself dictatorOzzy Osborne takes up biking? Wait -- that is not him. Paul: Watch the Super Bowl hereValentine's Day in the Lehigh Valley!Yankees better start grooming Montero as Posada's replacementCrab cakesMadeleine McCann news: Comedian helps raise money in search for missing girlBeginner Astrology - 6 weeks, starts Wed, Feb 3FY 2011 Budget raises little to no hope about America's economic futureGroup disclosureClassy elegance at Cipriani Wall StreetSENG-Model Parent Support Group to begin in FarmingtonReview: 'Citizen Kane'Clevelanders targeted by online scam ads claiming Google kits pay Marie Thompson $7,000 per monthBrewers sell one million ticketsThe gymnastics week in reviewStars gather for remake of We are the world ~ will Paris, Prince & Blanket sing too?Don't wait until the end of a conversation to ask for a number.Miley Cyrus' ironic Razzie nominationNo snow for you! Climate change video.Salon Nadine: a local family-friendly hair salonSpring Wine & Jazz Fest returns to Golden NuggetReality TV: a trojan horseThe Real Arlen Specter rebuts Specter's performance at PA Progressive Summit 2010.Burlington man arrested on illegal trapping chargesVideo: Sam Zien is Howard Stern's heroToyota's massive recall provides Detroit an opening.Red-hot Manchester goalie throws goose eggs at Wolf PackRuneScape introduces Orb of Oculus screen view tool for RuneScape video makersPairing wine with beef dishesFebruary Wine Tastings in GainesvilleFinding Your Balance In The Winds of ChangeWars we can't affordMeet OscarPei Wei ReviewInfertility is the death of a dream part two"I want to fight Georges St. McDonnell stuck between conservative values and individual libertiesWhat is Gnosis?Flood Wizard101 Crown Generator insurance: Everyone lives in a flood plainA $9 pinot noir to buy by the caseHamilton County's Pick of the Week for Places to EatBirmingham Spring Children's Consignment Sales5 ways to make 2010 your most productive year everFit into your wedding dress with exerciseFebruary food and drink eventsTubing at Snoqualmie PassUtica artists can find mainstream successTeacups are in your cabinet, not on your leashIrish Eyes rises from the ashes againBruce Lee Game of Death I & II mini reviewsFree admission at the Art Institute of Chicago during FebruaryVillains Corner Podcast Radio Show Interviews Guy GilchristSuper Bowl specialsDelicious Reuben soup at Bearden Earth Fare storeWorld of Warcraft headphones are sleek but priceyQuilters on EtsyPreschool night Wednesday, Feb. 1Bunny Bonding Part II - Introducing the pairHow to create spiritual & financial abundance quantumlyHas the romance gone out of the Bumsteads' marriage?Witchy 101: The Charge of the GoddessHabs in trouble without leading scorerThings you can do to get out of a bad moodTips for getting what you want when you wantGrowing Past OneselfPaula Sladewski update: Reward in case of former Playboy model increased to $15,000The Grammy Awards: best and worst dressedTips for feeling better when things seem so unfairHow long will it take Toyota to fix all those sticky gas pedals?Giguere named starter for remainder of seasonGlobal warming: Post mortem on the IPCCFlorida star QB Tim Tebow urged to run for president . Maybe the joke is on us. A Lifesaving Step!Go Red for Women: National Wear Red Day for heart diseaseToyota begins shipping parts to fix sticky gas pedals to dealers.Preview Star Wars Legacy #45 before it hits standsImprove your career by learning how to communicate to winCelebrating Italian horror legend Mario Bava: Black SabbathTwo arrested for theft by takingTrek Dirt Series coming to San Jose, Santa Cruz to help women cyclists improve mountain bike skillsNew opportunities to review your creditParty down at the upcoming Carnival in TrinidadRegistration is now open for Hands on DC's Work-a-ThonWhat to watch tonight February 1, 2010 - WinterGRAMMY hopefuls from DC walk away empty-handed but still inspiredBreakthrough artist Amiri Farris launches multimedia Black History Month platform (part 1 of 2)Paul Di'Anno plays Austin, February 10th"Big city flair," right here in Paducah, at The Pasta House, Co.Get a gym-quality workout at homeWhat causes depression: concealed depressionMichael Jackson's children accept Lifetime Achievement GrammyThe truth about dual flush handlesShaken, Stirred & Straight at Summit BarReview: Mass Effect 2: Bioware's masterpiece'Avatar' Again: Cameron's epic tops 'Darkness' and 'Rome'Dave Lieberman's The 10 Things You Need to Eat: an interview part IUpdated: Final Fantasy Versus XIII information not coming soon to PlayStation BlogA short, critical look at the P90XBaltimore moms unite on Facebook...come join us!Can interactive exhibits enhance the museum experience?What style yoga for you?Sad L.A. 31, 2010An open letter to Shane VictorinoMalaria vaccine with a different twistU.S. Joe Workshops help men build work skillsValentine's Day Guide: Only HeartsDo what you loveAre high priced luxury creams worth what you pay?Lynx killed in Summit County'Flight of the Conchords' co-creator to direct next Muppet filmMost romantic hotels in the worldSunday, January 31 photos of dogs at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control EastMess of maintenienceErguotou liquor is a Beijing stapleRockford Riverhawks sign former Chicago Cubs player for 2010Treasure Mapping PlayshopChildren's Museum of Denver offers something for everyone, including a free night!Kanye West addresses his criticsSenior Bowl slide show, what's next?Michael Jackson's children accept Lifetime Achievement Award at 2010 Grammy's (Photos & Video)2010 Grammy Awards red carpet fashion: Beyonce sizzles in Stephane Rolland (view photos)Libertarian activist sues DHS, FDNY, NYC hospitals for rights violationsSocial media versus paid advertising - the writing on the wallSnowbirding 101: Arizona February calendar of eventsVIDEO: Toyota president explains how gas pedal problem is being fixedParis, Prince Michael Jackson make first public appearance, acceptance speech at Grammys (SLIDESHOW)No Bourbon for StanfordLocal Country Singer Had a Role in Taylor Swift's SuccessSoulful Sister Thea Bowman; the spirit of African song and story lighting the worldGroundhog Day fun facts and where to celebrate in SeattleBest places in Denver to get a beer: The Kitchen [Upstairs]Solar Panels on CU-Boulder Campus provide power for educationMore Saudis to study in U.S.DC International Motorcycle Show 2010: Custom bikes - Hardcore ChoppersConduct unbecoming to pirates - Santa Ynez Valley news & real estate Feb 1Russell Brand's proposal to Katy Perry spoiled by 'Google'Grief unites Haitian-Americans. Groundhog Day acting... IndianapolisGiving Leinart a Chance to Soar with the Cardinals Makes Cent$"Breast cancer's pink ribbons: Have they become political?Wintertime tips for staying comfortable outdoorsMarch of Pac-10 basketballCrown Chimp Productions and Nickolas Duarte show artistic growth with PretendingCandidate Hickenlooper gambles with fruit concerning 2010 campaign contributionsShame on ToyotaDeals of the week: sample king cakes with NOLA Eats, Yat Pundit, or Southern Food & Beverage MuseumIntroducing Sirloin Steak at El Pollo LocoSacramento area high school girls basketball power ratings releasedDoug Cloud to run against Norm DicksIt's Catholic Education Week in Philadelphia31 days of oscar on TCMScreenshots of DDO's Stormreach at nightShould nonhuman animals be deemed 'persons' under the law?Heroes of the FaithOriental Bowl sprouts up in BeavertonCompetitive beer pong makes a splash in MarylandBaltimore County woman accused of charity scamExpect no bids for the Baltimore slots license until the Arundel Mills situation is resolvedHip Hop + Final Fantasy soundtrack = pure awesomenessWisconsin legislators using flawed Medical Society testimony as shield against supporting MMJ billTCM is presenting 31 days of Oscar winning or nominated movies!Maxwell wins two Grammy Awards (video)Plan ahead during winter to do home canning this summer52nd Annual Grammy Awards a night of surprises and dynamic performancesAdd insulation to your gardenTrain now for the Vermont City Marathon and RelayHoly Family Catholic School is full of Life!RuneScape: Mint Cake update to lead to epic mint cake crashAndean village endangered by volcanoAsk the experts your pet training and behavior questionsAirport security measures and South Florida traveler InfoEthnicity, cultural mosaic of Orthodoxy in Columbus[Event] Meet Edwin Rodriguez at Victory Bar & CigarToro Y Moi releases debut full-length, Causers Of This, and announces tour datesTria's next location: West PhillyWriting 101: overusing eyesGroupon discount at local florist just in time for Valentine's DayStay Tuned: The E63 lubes up with VTHelineIs hip-hop afraid of Milwaukee?Valentine's Day for your DogEast Tennessee Representative didn't ask for new secretary, but is happy for the helpXBLA Deal of the Week: 'Splosion ManMichigan winter herb classesValentine's Day Strawberry TiramisuFive Grammy wins for bisexual artists: Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Green Day-Part 2Sixers nearly get clipped by NetsYour retirement income -- how much is enough?What do we mean when we say that the Hebrews "borrowed" the story of Noah?Versatile bulk ingredients make Grab and Go Granola BarsBowling for Soup coming to Sacramento - show calendarBaby and toddler product of the week: Bambu SporkFire-Roasted salsaRumor mill: ShitMyDadSays will go from Twitter to CBSFive keys to entrepreneurial successBeatles Live Grammy update VII: Beatles website offers congratulations on Grammy winAssessing presidential candidates conservatives can supportKobato brings a slice-of-life to the anime worldGov. 1Celebrate National School Counseling Week by saying 'thank you'IND and Mercy: rivals on the court, partners in helping the people of HaitiRuneScape: new Runecrafting update allows chance of multiple law, death, blood runesCelebrating black history month in Rochester 2010Interest Group has Gov. John's United Methodist MOPs offers support and friendship to mothers with young childrenMiddle Tennesseans play outdoors in wintry mixCandidate Dave Glissmeyer willing to meet with Legalize Utah to discuss medical marijuanaSteven Tyler threatens lawsuit to prevent Aerosmith from hiring a replacement singerGiants, closer Brian Wilson agree to one-year dealFree admission to world's largest children's museumHigh-tech firm looking for Lee County locationThis week's Top 10 - 02/06/10Alexandria ranked the most giving in in terms of charity in 2009Robert Pattinson: new 'Remember Me' stills, film premiere contest, and planned TV appearanceReferendum for the 2010 General Primary in Kane CountyTeens who drink at home drink moreOhio House redistricting plan offers criteria, public input to redraw fairer legislative districtsFighting the plague of pornography part oneGood Coffee RecipesServices held for victim in prospect Andrew Bellatti's crashA keg that keeps adults healthyThe homes of Woodrow WilsonGroundhog Day: History, traditions, activities and events in AtlantaWhere to run in Minnesota in FebruaryWalt Disney World Travel Examiner's Dining Guide: Disney's Hollywood StudiosAnd then the bell rings...wrestling news for February 1Top 5 upcoming games in FebruaryRumor Mill: Bill Nighy to guest star on Doctor WhoNational Weather Highlight for 2 / 1 / 10: Heavy rain drenches Broward County, FLSEGA to release new console this summerSunshine in Seattle, Part 2FC Tampa Bay Rowdies add iconic Japan star Takuya Yamada to roster2010 Razzie Nominations Awards: 2010 Razzie Nominations for Worst Picture of YearJust for laughsEvent: 2010 National Silver GlovesWalt Disney World Travel Examiner's Dining Guide: Sci-Fi Dine-In TheaterUFC's all Spanish language PPV will have a local impactMatthew Fox is quitting TVHigh-fructose corn syrup: how to fight back against it and other sweetenersGo medium roast for antioxidants; three local suggestions for a healthier coffee habitDealing with discrepancies, part 5: under-qualified or lack of experienceCirque Du Soleil - AlegriaWant to join a dance crew (parody video)Astronomy Days rescheduled due to snowSunday night Drawing Social presents 'Chocolate Moose'.Heart cutter makes easy valentine treats twice as niceHighlights from the Internet Dating ConferenceSupreme Court adds fuel to the fireA dream come true for StajanImbolc, (Saint) Brighid's Day, Candlemas and Groundhog Day :Ritual for 2010: Part 3 of 3Rolex 24 at Daytona, the motor marathon opens another racing seasonChristian Books 101: Third Time's a Charm by Virginia SmithFootloose in IndianapolisObama's proposed budget cuts for projects in Michigan show difficulty in reducing deficitSimple things to avoid in your job interviewLjungberg jumps right back in to training, Sounders issue weekly notesValentine's Day concert to feature Quincy's young musicians.Costume design Oscar winners of the past: part 3Morgan Harrington's mother comments on reclaiming her daughter's remainsMuslim women working outside the home; The Pro's and Con'sHow to win at weight control while eating outThe Garden World Report is getting bigger and betterSunshine in Seattle, Part 3Ten college basketball games you need to watch this week (Feb. 27Classical bookend accents that you can make yourselfTruck cargo thefts on the rise, Austin firm saysWoofstock, a day of peace, paws and music set for March 6New Jersey Symphony at the NJPAC February 13-two events!Better to be blind than black in America42 reasons to tune in to 'LOST' final season: #21-30America's Cup festivities start Friday in Valencia, we're talkintravel.Florida Governor Race Examined: McCollum leads Sink by 10 points42 reasons to tune in to 'LOST' final season: #11-20Groundhog's Day in Price HillCelebrating Black HistoryLight snow tonight and TuesdayNo Child Left Behind left behindThe Message: Do not blame eleven for the sins of oneWoW: Spoiler for The Fall of the Lich KingFederal funds still weeks away for Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe residents42 reasons to tune in to 'LOST' final seasonBelly dancing in BloomingdaleChild trafficking or "rescue mission?"Big 12 Power Rankings: Feb. Louis students learn in Punxsutawney Phil's shadow on Ground Hogs DaySaints and Sinners meet at Mulleady's for Super Bowl XLIVVodka, Toothpaste, Pantyhose: AltUses for everyday productsChicago arts for children's hearts: A Valentine's Weekend Fundraiser for Congenital Heart DefectLight fantastic: dig this pair of deco light fixtures!Strikeforce: Miami slides a little but delivers with solid title fightsCurrent picture shows: 'Edge of Darkness,' starring Mel GibsonFrom tragedy to triumphInternational trailer for 'Clash of the Titans' now onlineArt Fest Fort Myers 2010Bono, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Hudson join forces for the 'We Are The World' remakeValentine worthy romance with a twist of dangerBeth Phoenix rips on Joanie 'Chyna" LaurerThe irrelevance of Black History Month (Part I)Kobe Bryant is 29 Points Away from Lakers All-Time Scorer Leader Jerry WestBulldog Blair Riley a Hobey Baker Award FinalistFree Healthy Cooking for Teens class"Metal Machine Music" and Hot Chip this weekSet the Goals-Doll Biz2010 Detroit Auto Show: Best in ShowInfertility is the death of a dream part fourHumboldt squid invading San Diego waters (video)Tuberculosis tests available for Charlotte residents.Iron Sheik shoots on Hulk Hogan and Tiger WoodsThe Lush life your primer on Lush beauty productsGear review: There are socks, and then there are Swiftwick socksDo it in DCGoodbye January, Hello Jam BandsTurkey tetrazzini recipe -- an amazing recipe for leftover chicken or turkeyIn conversation with Patricia RacetteFebruary is Black History MonthTaking Dawn's Time To Burn set to scorch rock musicWilliam Shatner, WWE guest host, footage on both ~ tribute to Jack BriscoIntegrity, good will not always shown at silent auctionsReturn of the Swallows festivities coming to Mission San Juan Capistrano in MarchWorkshop on how to manage a feral cat colony held in QueensCell Phone Dangers for Young ChildrenThe irrelevance of Black History Month (Part II)Refocusing through the difficulties of unemployment and transitionTim Tebow: An unwitting tool of religious extremismCanine obesity on the rise: Is your dog fit or fat?Stalking the elusive Hardees portobello mushroom thickburger in OrlandoCanadians at the 2010 Grammy AwardsTRAINING: Participant-Directed SupportsNatural cold and flu care that works: part I - zincIs Hurricane Helms in the WWE 'dog house'?'Lost' stars Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly discuss futuresNuby Offers Great Items for Feeding Your Baby or ToddlerTahoe-Truckee raises funds for earthquake victims in HaitiMany UC campuses to establish waiting lists in light of budget cutsDefining Obama first State of the Union addressDragon Age: Origins Awakening trailerSex, romance, intimacy and pregnancyRecycling with Elmer's glue crewUSS Carl Vinson leaves HaitiKoresh Dance Company - EvolutionLocal dog events through the weekendSade, Usher lead February/March 2010 Urban Pop/R&B releasesGrammy 2010 HighlightsHomeschool 101 Resources: Science supplies spring sale and standardized testing opportunitiesWere the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards worth all the glitz and glamour?Bob Apple announced budding candidacy for State Legislature 3rd District SpokaneInfertility is the death of a dream part fiveKaufman County deputies involved in high speed chaseChoosing the right school for your childBeyonce wins record-breaking six Grammys; Taylor Swift wins four (slideshow)Au Revoir Les Enfants (Goodbye Children): Kindness in the most evil depths of history.National Building Museum to host homeschoolersDarkbase 3 reviewYouth leadership month pt 2Welcome to the InternetHair styling equipment glossaryIs gardening possible in the dead of winter?Galveston seeks to close appraisal loophole for homes repaired since Hurricane IkeSpring beauty trends...already?Break-ups and breakthroughs: Days weekly recap 1/29/2010Send a free groundhog ecard to friends on February 2Are you an emotional eater? Here are some ways to find outTop 10 best country love songs of the 1990sRomantic Valentine's Day dinner ideas in KalamazooWalking to Philips Arena from Five PointsNew releases: Feb. sent troops to HaitiJoey Logano takes the 2010 Toyota All-Star Showdown at IrwindaleUse Your Hobbies to Work From HomeMeet other area singles through Houston Single SourceTax credits to hire more workers just more smoke-blowing from the White HouseU.S., Britain to be sued by Iraq over depleted uranium bomb useLady Gaga, Bono, Jason Mraz to participate in 'We Are the World' remake (VIDEO)Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight beta beginsHotels should take a tip from grocery stores.The top five things professional sports can do without.The return of 'Lost'Musicals for the high school bandsmanCity's proposed budget cuts core services for those who need them mostGREAT WEDDING DAY PREP DEAL: 48 hrs to Get Celeb Stylist to do Your Hair at Your Own Home for 50% OVideo: Matt Laurer grills Toyota Pres. 3rd at DeVry UniversityDave Lieberman's The 10 Things You Need to Eat: an interview part IIFebruary is National Wise Health Consumer MonthMonthly Horoscope for February 2010 by Flash Silvermoon: Overview (part two)Fishing tourney was huge success for junior anglers and the fishFederal BenefitsCastro wants the UN to look at why the U.S. Get A Disney Day" programBike-helmet laws: do they discourage cycling?Super Bowl Sunday in New York: Where to eat, drink, and possibly watch some footballGroundhog's Day Homeschool IdeasHow To Have a Winning AttitudeKeri Hilson 1950s Hollywood GlamHeavy Rain to have 4 GB required install, supports HD up to 720pGeocaching has its roots in the Portland areaIt's All About The Dog'sPaczki passion isn't so badFitness 2010 getting startedJennifer Weiner on the small screenMigraine pain relief with BotoxBill Watterson speaks!Rhonda McKnight's Healthy Hearts: Spiritual and Physical Blog TourInterview with Sabine Hrechdakian of CENYC (Pt 1)Palm Springs High School Arts Institute opens arts education doorsMeet "Joyfully Jobless" Barbara WinterJack Brisco Dead at 68Lose Weight the Weight Watcher's Way.Milwaukee Bucks week in review: 1/25-1/31Street Dogs back in the studioRecall notice: 2009 Kawasaki KL250G9FChris Paul out for a month with knee injuryMonday on the progressive beatDIY wedding invitations with tutorialBloomingdales gets jazzy with Top Design constestant Eddie RossKristen Bell flashes engagement ring at Grammy Awards: Dax Shepard is the lucky guyTaylor Swift takes home four Grammys, including Album of the YearTaylor Swift and Beyonce take top Grammy honors - picturesCambria County Democratic leaders endorse Wagner for GovernorDon't Ask Don't Tell is finally going to endDissolution won't solve Brockport's financial problemsHow Increasing Your Self-Esteem Increases Your Bottom LineWyclef Jean shows His love for HaitiWinter recipes: cinnamon & cranberry crunch barsStill major drama within men's ACCAC hoops divisionsAnne Frank: Teen Holocaust victim too "sexy" for Culpeper Co., VAUP's Giacchino wins 2 GrammysSexting: It's not just for kidsTTX lays off 51 employees13 skits to teach good communication techniquesLandstar dividend is under a nickelThe links between soda pop and kidney disease in women; another study ties obesity to sodas28 Days of Love - Day 1Religion and politics spur activism, despite motherly adviceMonthly Horoscope for February 2010 by Flash Silvermoon: Overview (part one)Helloween to Release "Best of"Jeffers Petroglyphs to host Snow Day for homeschoolers on February 9Valentine's Day 2010: Celebrate in not quite traditional ways in Albuquerque[Review] Binnie Klein "Blows to the Head: How Boxing Changed my Mind"CSXT, UTU reach tentative agreementRoar into Black History month with the Tuskegee Airmen!In Loving Memory of A QueenBeyonce wins six Grammy Awards, breaks record2010 grammy awards best and worst dressedBlack Hills Stock Show offers glimpse of country lifeCongressional Art Competition - Winner's artwork exhibited in Washington, D.C. 24 Illinois beats cross-state rival Northwestern, 30-6Grammy photo slideshowTaylor Swift, Beyonce sweep the Grammy Awards (photos)Gay pilot decides to fly straight instead of soloLady Gaga & Elton John Grammy Awards performance - entertaining (watch it again here)2010 Grammy Awards fashion hits and misses (slide show)Winter Recipe: Pork Dijon with Pinot NoirLet the Hunger Games beginGrammy's 2010 Red Carpet Fashion Worst DressedNew Orleans Hornets lose to Bulls, defeat Grizzlies, both in overtimeLady Gaga, Nadeea heat up the Grammy Awards red carpet (photo slideshow)For a natural cure for cabin fever, check out Better Homes and GardenAC/DC take home first Grammy of their careerCheap vacations: 5 days for under $500Total Health Magazine: tips and product information to enhance health.Civil Rights icon Reverand Joseph Lowery hospitalized over the weekendCarmel radio station KRML, part of movie Play Misty For Me, for saleStrong Hawks effort falls just short at DuquesneGuy Ritchie not directing Lobo?Pat's and Gino's make top ten on the Travel Channel's 101 tastiest places to chow downDog-nappings and purse snatchings: Here there be lessonsBaltimore's version of Truman Capote's Black and White Ball: the Dining @ Large blog dines!Mavericks prove they can play with the big boys, beat Allen 3-0Craziest car stunt ever: one mile super jumpIsami Sushi: The best sushi in the greater Vancouver areaChildren's Media Usage Weekly Recap for January 25 to January 31, 2010How to avoid training pitfalls with long-term planningRIP Steven St. 1, 2010)1987 Topps Project: Update No. . 1Mya, Queen Latifah, and Whitney Houston fashion highlights at BET Honors (photo show)Mad Men's Christina Hendricks uplifted by fans after fat jokesSelf-loveValentine's Day romance only one tank away from BirminghamTips for an emergency energy boost from best-selling writer Gretchen RubinJuwan Howard: ignore the crowdPlan a weekend getaway without ever leaving homeNutrition and Delicious Super Bowl Party AppetizersDisappearing honey bees: tiny worker is vital to worlds agricultureThe Capitals light my fire!Willamette Valley Road Runners put on historic local race'Dancing With the Stars:' Carrie Ann Inaba responds to Samantha Harris departureFebruary 6th, A Day of Fun at FosterfieldsChuck sez "Where's my shades?"Video: Park City speed skater Maria Lamb returns to Olympics as U.S. 11What is the difference between an IRA and a 401(k)? Why do I need one? (Part 1) 401(k)sPhotos: Best and worst of the Grammys, Miss America and moreMorgan Pressel discusses her love of the Detroit Red Wings in latest ESPN The Magazine'The Bachelor' highlight: Jake confronts Ali about hurtful comment on one-on-one date (episode five)Boston Worldwake Prerelease stories2010 Primary Election tomorrow'The Bachelor' highlight: Gia steals the show, Vienna left worried on two-on-one date (episode five)PC Games: February releasesThis Week at Southgate HouseWeight loss without side effectsA green industry is considering Allentown for a new facilityPutting Philippians 4:6-8 to good useGrizzlies Edge Lakers, 95-93John Edwards affair and love child scandal had a major Texas connectionChor Boogie releases a flock of beautiful Boogie BirdsRaiders available for tradeDowntown park receives $3 million contribution from ChaseBrand new faces, same old storyIt is too cold for Imbolc!CommitmentThe gamble of Mount Hood Meadows Ski ResortProspect profiles: Russell OkungEvan Dando at Great Scott, WednesdayThe case of the zombie groundhogMotion City Soundtrack's lives as dinosaursFormer Oakland A's star Jose Canseco on poker, women, dancing and steroids.Surfaces 2010 flooring industry event at Sands Expo CenterBible prophecy, last days, and iran threat for February 11th by AhmadinejadChafee loans $200k to campaignSuperbowl menu ideas with recipes for hot dogs, chili, soup, and saladSoundbite Tips Free Video TutorialsLack of hip hop shines bright at the GrammysThe Big Bang Theory 3x14 'The Einstein Approximation' recapStudents plan picket party against Topeka-based gay hate groupCaressa Cameron named Miss America 2010 in Las Vegas ; with swimsuit competition videoVenice Whole Foods Offers Outstanding Meals at Great Prices!Justin Bieber's 'My World 2.0' cover revealedRiddick Bowe still pathetically considers himself a "real world class" fighterThe Horror Hit List - DVD Releases For Feb 2This week in MSU Maverick sports (2/1/10-2/7/10)I've Got Brew Babe: 6 New Favorite Beers In Honor of NYC's Groundhog "Staten Island Chuck"Punxsutawney Phil and the futureAutism in Movies and on TV: What's Eating Gilbert Grape playing on Hulu for freeDVD Tuesday: the great horror comedy 'Zombieland', and a little romanceNevada Elections 2010: Governor and Lt. Special Elections Feb. (3)7 for the UConn womenPunxsutawney Phil and your relationship get heart healthy in February'Jersey Shore' star DJ Pauly D denies affair with MTV's 'Teen Mom' star Farrah AbrahamGrammy look this year: Edgy and hipYour 'Sweet Home Alabama'Philadelphia enforces menu nutrition disclosure lawCarefree in Mexico"Twilight: New Moon" snags 4 Golden Razzie awardsDante Cunningham scores career-high in pointsExaminer.com Pro Football Hall of Fame ballotingVirginia Federation of Humane Societies Launches Spay/Neuter Grant ProgramFish oil supplements for treatment of schizophreniaThe precarious State of the UnionLocated: Bodacious BoutiqueBittersweet chocolate tart recipe from Venice chef Amanda CushmanGreen Olympics 2010?Funny Video: 'Predator' should consider signing up for 'Dancing With The Stars' (with video)An Imbolc RitualEdge of Darkness: like the unfortunate impending end to mel gibson's careerHillsdale College women's basketball picks up a win against Lake Superior State (slideshow)Groundhog Day 2010: Get text from Punxsutawney Phil regarding winter's fate (video)Album of the Year, 52nd Grammy AwardsBike routes in DCWeir Farm National Historic Site in Wilton, CTThe New England Triathlon Off Season: Training Using Perceived ExertionPolitics: 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' takes center stageGo guerilla with your job hunt? It may be the competitive edge you need in a difficult job market.Milwaukee Brewers 2010 spring training preview: InfieldGet Your Summer Fix Now and Do Boulder When it's ColderWeek of February 1: Gay travel on the cheap - coast to coast and around the globeLake Tomahawk Fishing Report for February 1, 2010Doggie Paddles pet sitting serving Kailua and KaneoheStrikeforce - Miami (full event video)Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus set for 'We Are the World' Haiti performanceNew social networking site give San Diegans a chance to meet other fitness minded peopleRookwood Pottery Part I: The HistoryCleaning services for women with cancerFerrari 360 Spider totaledRitz-Carlton Buckhead hosts "princess" luncheon this weekendDrexel women crack Mid-Major Top 10Abraxas Pet ResortLove Your Enemies?Kings fall apart in the second half, unable to complete season sweep of NuggetsCareer Focus: Sports Medicine and Medical School - 2 of 2Part 2--Assessing conservative presidential candidatesPink performs nearly-nude at 2010 Grammy's. . group thinkingAmazon faces off against big content, everyone loses.Train for 13.1 Boston half marathon with Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Team Challenge2010 Clark County, Washington elections examinedA personal letter to my nation's people regarding our collective historyMajor traffic source of the future (actually now): blogsSurvey: Bad career advice abounds; co-workers most common culpritsAdam Lambert appears at the 2010 Grammy Awards (video)RVing 101: Albertans build trailer to promote RV industryWhy all Muslims welcome Black History Month, according to the QuranIntervention: Allison No. Conrad Murray may be charged this week in death of Michael JacksonChanges regarding CDL testing in TexasQuick, healthy hobo mealsVirtual Lite Brite by HasbroOmaha Brides: What is stopping you from having the wedding of your dreams?The show must go on ... Louis JDRF events in February and MarchQuality commander is staying put, Christie announcesRush Limbaugh supporting AndrzejewskiThe City Bakery's Annual Hot Chocolate Festival(video)Zeese leads 3-city action to impeach Bybee for high crimesSuper Bowl XLIV: Sazeracs, Saints, and steaksProfessor gets popular using 'Twilight' references in psychology classPost-partisan: Unhinged atheists lose it over Mother Teresa postal stampChris Botti: Jazz that sounds as good as it looksMadeleine's is one of a kind in SpokaneMississippi Earthquake Awareness Week; 7 steps to protect you and your familyMeet February deadlines for tournamentsIt's finally February, can beloved spring and baseball be far behind?How to choose a personal trainer that will help not harm2010 Summer French Teacher Training GrantsLocal pet loss support meetingGrammy censors celebrate music, sit on MUTE buttonWhat's happening in the local music scene?The greening of al-QaedaRed Rooster boasts the best burger in OceansideNew nanoscopic material that promotes cartilage growthRubio builds big lead over Crist in Florida primaryTips for Great Gravy!24: Nightfall #2, published by San Diego's IDW PublishingUPDATE: The World Food Programme in HaitiWhere to find the best airfare dealsMichael Jackson posthumously earns Lifetime Achievement Award at Grammy Awards (with tribute video)Does marriage contribute to weight gain?Set sail on a Valentine's Day cruiseGrammy Awards- Miley CyrusOffshore safety technologyWhistlerBlackcomb run of the week: Outer Limits GladesLearn how to find the main ideaMichael Emerson and Jorge Garcia find a cult fan base with 'Lost'Celebrate Black History Month at the AACA Museum with Willie Fordham of the Negro LeaguesIt was ladies night at the 52nd annual Grammy AwardsIt takes a village... 1, 2010Another Spring Break Camp for Kids at Louisville, KY Humane--don't miss outHip Hop + Zelda = more awesomenessCruelty-free beauty companies vie for Peta2's Libby AwardMore sex for healthier menCincy Examiner Top 25: Syracuse new No. lose another candidate in Ohio Secretary of State racePhilly farmers' markets and The Food Trust: The local best for lessSanta Cruz restaurant 515 Kitchen & Cocktails offers gourmet dinner with beer versus wine pairings2010 Grammy WinnersMinnesota Golden Gophers recruiting report; uncommitted offensive recruitsWeight loss, Get it off and keep it offSpringfield Little Theatre Offers Pinocchio Birthday Party PackagesNewton swim team falls to Grinnell on senior nightMassachusetts DEP Land Acquisition Will Help Protect Critical Sea-Run Brook Trout HabitatKnow what you want to find your next job - SF Bay Area's Tina Chang did!NHS to have pitching clinics in February, MarchMetro District is gearing up for spring recreationprogramsWhat does the John Edwards' scandal say about love and politics?Today's anniversary of last Douglass speech delivered at WCU helps teach kids service and courageNewton bowlers to face familiar competition at districtsDC restaurant to host Food Network casting callBobby Lashley crushes Wes Sims (full video)Film festival ends on evil note50th Anniversary of Woolworths sit-ins2010 Grammy Awards red carpet fashion: Fergie dazzles in Pucci (view photos)Jimmy Kimmel disputes Leno's claim of being 'suckerpunched' by Kimmel on the air (with video)It's time to meet fitness friends at the gymSmart Grid Update: A pre-report on RETECH 2010: Premier renewable energy trade gatheringStanford coaching rumor millMonday night tv picks: 'One Tree Hill' honors John Hughes, 'House' and 'Top Gear'Campfire Tales by Jerry Fearing, an extreme camperHalo: Reach Will Not Use Project NatalTiger Woods: No slackFebruary is heart health month: Simple steps to love your heartFrisco company sells gadget for children with autism who escapeThe Top 5 Performances at the 2010 Grammy Awards (Video)Downtown Holland is THE place to be this week: February 1-6Why cars?Put on your dance shoes--free Arthur Murray dance lessons for Falcon Theatre audiencesPink's hot Grammy performance: 'No excuse for lip-syncing' (video)Houston's Beyonce holds back tears at the Grammy's last nightLooking lovely in laceABATE scholarships available to attend Heartland STEAMYoshi's bringing jazz giants Joe Lovano, Brad Mehldau to Bay AreaRestorative Yoga: Bringing peace to the world one body at a timeInjury accident in Forney during the morning rushA Springbrook vs Richard Montgomery 4A Showdown Looms and Bastow Best-TenGrammy 2010 winnersRugby is back on Examiner.comDefending the groundhogThe Clark Kent of the NYC bridal scene, Matthew ChristopherHomicide suspect foundRetail 2.0Celebrate Groundhog Day with 'Woody,' get a chance to win $100Upcoming Superbowl is a boon to budget grocery shoppers to stock up on snack foodGreed and fear in the stock marketsMGM granted another two-month extension from debt payment2010 Grammy Awards red carpet fashion: Britney Spears wrecks Dolce & Gabbana (view photos)Superbowl hot buffalo maid-ritesRussain T-50 new Stealth AircraftChestnut Hill College's accelerated continuing education program for the working adultDiaz wants GSPThe Weekend That Was (2/1/10)Hike Siphon Draw from Lost Dutchman State ParkMood altering Adrenalyn Shot gives a happy boostFred Hersch magazine profile details how pianist's music trumps maladiesNovel vindicates Hillary Clinton's civil rights commentJersey Shore Cast Compared to Big East College Basketball TeamsBig NHL trade news in Toronto could influence movement in CarolinaMovie review: 'Edge of Darkness'Valentine's Day proposal for Paris Hilton: Doug Reinhardt hints at engagementCPSC announces recall of Nature Wonders HD Pinto Horse Toy Figures for excessive lead levelsAdopt Baby and Sassy from AZ Humane Society-SunnyslopeCuyahoga County Council - New elected positionsSixers survive against Nets 83-79.When actors go astray: Leaning right in HollywoodHappy Cakes Bakeshop carries gluten free cupcakes twice a weekThe playing style of Christian Howes - no strings attachedPart II: Portland photographer Quavondo shares a look at work and lifeOpen Adoption Roundtable and Adoption CarnivalVideo: 10 Americans held for child trafficking in Haiti - children told group they had parentsClearing clutter and getting organized with the help of IKEA - Japanese style videoNeil Young, AC/DC, and Judas Priest among Grammy award winnersBodybuilding: Experiencing the pumpDeception in the MA auto insurance industryRiding High on the London EyeCoastal sunrise shoots require skills and staminaAnd the GRAMMY for Best Musical Show Album goes to...'West Side Story'Two free art exhibits to open WednesdayMarlene's Market and Deli supports local Washington organic dairy farmsWinter recipe: Grilled bourbon steakSpecial ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in DCXbox Live Arcade Deal of the Week is 'Splosion Man for $5Generosity and forgivenessFree Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam ConcertWhy February is fabulous for Florida kidsHealth Freedom Expo 2010The Comptroller's raceMath Help!15 million iPads by next year?The week ahead in crime TV (2/1/10 - 2/7/10)What's happening on screen in Seattle this week - February 1Prom turns teacher into drunk dirty dancerPay that debt to him!Preview of Denver's February Weather - The Calm Before the Spring StormsBartender of the month: Andrew Ballenger of Dragonfly2010 Grammy Awards red carpet fashion: Taylor Swift sparkles in Kaufman Franco (view photos)A Ku Klux Klan for the Seventies: The Weather UndergroundGlobal warming extremists silence doubters with charges of 'terracide'Transition report suggests tolling five more NJ roadsIsland fever Hits the Island in the HillsFive Important Facts about Dependents and ExemptionsInvite-only shopping site: Rownine.comWant to dance to the number 1 hit on your birthday?Today is the final day to register for the March 2 primariesMay I please have your attentionIs adoption the Christian/Mormon thing to do?Groundhog Day 2010 - Superstitions, books, fun printables and a recipeThe Rustic Spoon: Finding Heaven for under $10Andre Yeu of When Hounds Fly answers some questionsNBC's late night fiasco: I told you soValentine Drinks13 Attorneys General threaten lawsuit over Nebraska deal in the Senate health care billPractically Jewish: eco-kosher and the art of conscious kosher eatingCicero warns America over two thousand years ago5 Simple Tips to Support Mood and Energy in Early MotherhoodDon't lick the dogPink's Grammy performance draws raves (VIDEO)Church robberies on the rise in Jackson, MississippiRomance Month on the Richmond Marriage ExaminerCajun hot wings recipe: deep-fried and devilishFinally, a "Lost" preview with some actual preview in itGraphic Novels for Two Bucks at Barnes and Noble Clearance !Vertical Integration vs. Blige and Andrea Bocelli Grammy duet inspires as they model giving back at it's best (video)The Full Wrap: How a sub sandwich can ruin your New Year's resolve to lose weight'Wine for Haiti' auction under wayConsumer Reports suspends recommendations for Toyota's recall modelsLady Gaga sparkled in Giorgio Armani Priv at the 52nd Annual Grammy AwardsGlobal Agenda launches todaySexy yoga, what can it do for you?Beyonc, Taylor Swift Grammy top winners - complete Grammy winners 2010 listFifteen year old Knoxville teen killed in sledding accidentIt pays to get A's in IowaLa Roux at The Paradise Rock Club: A reviewIllegal Aliens has held the key to American survival many times in the past, and so they do todayStephen Colbert has found at least one use for an iPadKentucky: Palin endorses Paul for SenateGet 25% off at Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us Great Trade-In eventSpecial election set to temporarily fill vacant Brooklyn City Council seatTech picks: Jennifer Stephens AcreeHealthy living 101: What is dietary fiber?Senators in key NASA states align against Obama agendaBenefits of cardiovascular exerciseOff Center Records & CollectablesMiley Cyrus plans on being 'boring' for Valentine's DayESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll, college basketball Top-25Latest mortgage modification speed-up plan finalizedLady Gaga Brings Back the Art of PerformanceIs Harvard right about Montgomery County Public Schools?The Jersey Shore party at the lake shoreLet's talk about resumes and a reality gut-check.Students catch a break at ZiezoFebruary family fun at Long Pasture Wildlife SanctuaryUpdate to "Some Seattle doctors may stop vaccinating kids"When sorry doesn't cut it: Put-downs and put-ups!Play to your strengthsAge of Conan 1.06 around the corner, expansion on its wayVitamins and supplements - vitamin DObama releases FY 2011 budgetHarry Piper's Zoological Gardens: Toronto's first zooStephen King set to make appearance in Charlotte County, FLAmerican Carnage tour dates rescheduledVanity Fair spotlights New Hollywood StarsCaregivers of ICU Survivors are Collateral Damage of Critical Illness, say Pitt ResearchersBenedictine Liqueur celebrates 500th anniversary with Esquire Magazine in NYC's Hearst TowerShoe trend of the week: biker bootsScottsdale women put 7-game win streak on the line in ACCAC this weekGet cultured: The Lan Su Chinese GardenOlympian Gretchen Bleiler earns fourth Gold Medal at Winter X Games en route to Vancouver (video)Dante's Inferno gameplay footageFather of terror suspect Najibullah Zazi chargedPink's post-Grammy performance plan: 'Eat a LOT of food!'Choosing the right vitamin supplementA brief encounter with employmentKyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion pays homage to voices lostTwo Die In Catonsville FireFebruary SkyMountain Jam Announces 2010 ArtistsWestboro Baptist Church hate group at area Dallas schoolsGet the bare facts on skinBrandon Gonzales and Jesse Brinkley shine brightly at 'Reno Xtreme Fights 2'Online campaigns launched in bid to save UT's Cactus CafeCraven County Elections, 2010Cheap Valentines Day gift ideasLast chance to win tickets to the Magners Comedy Festival BostonThank you for weekend Comments, I'm still playing catch-up with a puppy!Sundance Film Festival 2010Butterfly Effect part 17: the other EvansLEGO: Harry Potter Years 1-4 trailerDead body found in Sienna PlantationRIP: Football star Tom Brookshier called boxing for CBSMichael Jackson leads Grammy Awards to record ratingsTrue Blood launched into SPACE2 Crazy Wahines "Slim-Down, Sexy-Up for Spring" BootcampJanuary 2010 Grand Rapids weather reviewSouthern Missfits rally to win in TexasAccessorizing Your Home: window treatmentsGrammy winners in the Rock Music CategorySpotlight on: free tax assistance in San AntonioEasy and amazing pot roastBritain grounds fliers who refuse body scanCanadian trucker admits to smuggling Ecstasy and cash in U.S.'Jon and Kate Plus 8:' Kate Gosselin resurfaces with new hair dilemmaCAIR reneged on offer to allow Rifqa Bary to be a dependent of OhioCrystal Light Pure Fitness takes out the artificial sweeteners and colorsAmerica's favorite Valentine's candy is made in MassachusettsWhat gospel artists were born in February? Johnny Cash, John Schlitt, Brian Littrell, Geoff MooreState, County, & City Requirements for Starting a BusinessSheriff Glodis makes State Auditor run official - other dominoes start to fallSouth Carolina Amtrak stationsACPL Woodburn and Monroeville Branches no sources for RPGsVancouver's ghetto: Downtown eastside and the OlympicsMass Effect 2: first impressionsGiordano: New JPA chairJames Dean reference: Little Shop of HorrorsA Fargo green event for February 2010Nick Jonas answers Vanity Fair's Proust QuestionnaireBeef Stroganoff RecipeHeavy Rain has mandatory installConservatives need new communications strategyK.D. for Haiti BenefitGoing Gaga at the GrammysMaryland Marine dies in Helmand Province, AfghanistanHoly DivorceAre you eligible to fly with the Blue Angels this year?Nintendo Downloads (2/1) features Tales of Monkey Island finale and True Swing Golf ExpressTough day at JTA board meetingPart-time job fair on Wed., Feb. BlaisePlayhouse in the Park's Cyrano comes to Covedale Theatre for only $5Powell's Books continues selling Macmillan titles after Amazon yanks them from siteFrance's burka dilemma: A security measure or religious discrimination?Writer's Tool: MMORPG's?Mortal Online entering open beta todayKojima feels game delays are a crime, Peace Walker to be delayedApproval rating for DC mayor plunges below 50%Elections 2010 Will County voter factsMust-see museums: from the MoMA in New York City to the VAG in VancouverSan Francisco Bar Method Marina hosts The Princess Project, Feb 8 - 19.Monthly Horoscope for February 2010 by Flash Silvermoon: Cancer, Leo and VirgoElection 2010: Tea Party hopes in Illinois and a challenger for SchumerGH Rumors and Spoilers: Which PC resident is looking for her daddy?Homemade chocolate walnut cookiesWed Feb 10th Sculpture Tales! A Mommy & Me WorkshopPrince Harry plays polo for Lesotho charity Sentebale, plans Haiti mission (videos)Get your Boston-area writing or editing jobKnoxville food events for the week of 2/1Art Night Austin 2010Yale fencing routes Sacred Heart and Drew, buffs up for Ivy League TournamentJ.D. for M.V.P.?Robert Henry LawrenceAnthropologie: Secrets of the sale rackPhoenix wins Grammy for Best Alternative Album (video)Jason Mraz 2010 Grammy Awards red carpet interviews (VIDEO)Jan. (video)Why wait any longer to get started?RuneScape: Rune Mechanics quest walkthrough with slideshowVanguard: Saga of Heroes celebrating three year anniversarySinger Kirsten Underwood finds 'Redemption' on latest EPBio-Fuel station comes to Santa BarbaraSt. Louis JDRF offers PJs for a cure to help diabetes research and treatmentThirteen rescued from drop house in ResedaThe Northern Lights comes alive in February and March, we're talkintravel.Mark Henn interview part 4President Obama signs bill honoring fallen MarineWeather Forecast For Houston And Vicinity, Tuesday, February 2, 2010New plan to create jobs will explode county budgetChili's a winning recipe for Super Bowl XLIVStars to re-record Michael Jackson's pop smash 'We Are the World' for recent Haiti disasterTake the train to SpainTax breaks, or more business favoritism in the Twin CitiesMario Cantone talks Grammy highlights and fashion on The View (video)Aurora Theatre playwright Joel Drake Johnson's The First Grade is a family dramedy well worth seeingGeorgia House Republicans form their own conservative caucusSaginaw, Texas, loses one of its finest officersNeed a Job? The Cloud is calling you!Zesty seasoned popcorn is great Super Bowl party snackHenry Paulson: I was scared, I didn't know what to doOMTL: Day 14 provocationsCafe East might be best Oriental restaurant in New Orleans area.Paternity test challenge for Kourtney Kardashian: Who is Mason's real father?Indiana Senate approves constitutional amendment banning gay marriage (part 1 of 2)LA Artist you should know-Lizzy WaronkerPope responds to jobs crisisBaby name of the day: Trendy & cool boys names week: GeneralLook out Auto Industry, Tesla Motors files for their IPOBusiness Networking in SpringfieldLady Gaga in MinneapolisRole Preparation: Step by Step (Part III)Winter Recipes: Sicilian chickenDinner amid the pools will spoil you this Valentine's at Miami's The SetaiFirst Chicago vegan bake sale to benefit Haiti: a big success!Academy Award nominations to be announced Tuesday morning, 8:30 am ESTRaleigh, North Carolina's 2010 Valentine's Day and Anti-Valentine's Day celebrationsYour storm claimLooking for an exceptional pediatric dentist?What do the Rev Barry Lynn and Spinoza have in common?Michael Jackson's children make surprise speech at Grammy AwardsThe marijuana survey says what? - Part 12, live streaming marijuana survey results10 fighters that need to be in UFC 2010's rosterHoekstra is bad medicine for MichiganKen Hassrick benefit exhibit at Rob Schouten Gallery on Whidbey IslandNOAA would receive $5.6 billion under Obama's FY 2011 budget proposalIndiana Senate approves constitutional amendment banning gay marriage (part 2 of 2)Normally interesting Torrey Pines needed Tiger Woods at Farmers Insurance OpenCharlie O'Briens: Not Your Everyday Irish PubGolden Boy talks up Joan Guzman-Joel Casamayor boutMichael Vick finds Jesus, gets new reality TV documentary series show on BETLos Angeles community leaders ask Mayor Villaraigosa to re-examine Skid RowToyota recall update: pedal problems fix, repairs, and apology (photos, videos)Kathy Griffin's diet secret is starvation: 'I'm hungry all the time'Wrestlers risk of MRSA exposure increases dramatically during tournamentsAfrican American history month at San Francisco MaritimeThe 52nd Annual Grammy Awards Fashion Hits & Award WinnersJackson's come under fire for Michael's children presenting at the Grammy AwardsSince Forever are the 'Hometown Heroes'Valentine's Day dessert and a show for a songThe Yeller Bellies release follow up to debut: "Here to Suffer"Staying with a cheater for sake of your children? Bad idea.Nail tip of the week: Wearing polish longerWho benefits from the president's 2011 budget?Valentine's Day: take a ride on the wild side with Jungle Love Romantic Excursion at Safari WestBrock Lesnar: Not your ordinary freakshowCallaway Golf to sponsor Super Bowl Today pregame show on CBSNew study questions trigger for Multiple SclerosisHarley-Davidson competitve bike exchange extended through the end of February 2010'He's Just Not That Into You'Milwaukee was no match for Butler down the stretch, Butler 11-0Modern Warfare 2 care package exploit still causing a headache for Infinity WardEdge walks away with 2010 Royal Rumble titleGovernor Schwarzenegger: Mexico/Prison Reform/Higher Education budgetOntario colleges union set Feb. Pierre" - Nick Diaz post-fight interview at "Strikeforce: Miami"Rose Red part 1New details on how close GM was to failureDIY Afro Punk poet plays Echo Friday nightCold Weather CampingHarrisburg music scene this weekend (02/05 & 02/06)Manufacturing continues to expand but consumers remain hesitantTwenty-five members of House supporting no nukes, fight child hunger resolutionChild in stroller dies after struck by semi-truckHudson County Restaurant Week Is HereNe-Yo, Kirk Franklin join BET hosted SOS Help For HaitiBlues Winners for the Grammy Awards 2010: Georgia scores with The Derek Trucks BandBacco Ristorante delights the sensesPlanet Hulk Should Be RetitledHulk Smash!Rainy pattern for the week, average temperaturesCity North's Premier Martini Lounge Celebrates 1 YearDon't miss the Banff Mountain Film FestivalChoosing the right color to set the mood for your room. Governor racesTrying a soft landing, on cold hard facts'The Bachelor': Vienna makes it to the final four, but why?Gamble on his way home after close call at auctionThe prayer of JabezTop fashion designers team up with Barbie for charityThe 50th Anniversary of the Lunch Counter Sit-in MovementRappers, Rockers and Divas; 52nd annual Grammy Award winning styleSlideshow of Small Breed Social Hour for Manners Unleashed - Next Session Feb. Census Scam WarningsBook sightings: week of February 1, 2010Adventures in China: Street FoodEaster choirs beginPaul Krugman calls out FOXNews CEO for 'deliberate misinformation'Rockslide Brewery brunch leaves a lot to be desiredContemporary art equals Whitespace: The Mordes Collection (slideshow)Managing, monitoring driver routes improves company's safetyVegas Spotlight: DJ MorningstarPolls for the ladies and gentlemenInterfaith Dialogue: Islam and ChristianityPlanning a Super Bowl party? Don't forget the game2010 Grammys fashion - Taylor SwiftOn the subject of ProvidenceVideo: Black History month celebrates the Woolworth sit in from 1960Mercedes GP Petronas debut new MGP W01 car at ValenciaThe consequences of sinColumbus moms get new social networkMiracles in Haiti: the story of a Conroe missionaryCVS Plan w:e 02/06/2010 Less than $10Kissing Frogs in CyberspaceJ.Crew blazes a path towards spring with a nomination from GQFree, live music bonanza : Feb 1-7 : The Ascetic Junkies, Jeffrey Jerusalem, Parson Red HeadsGrammys: Nashville shines; Beyonc makes history; MJ's kids top off tribute; all 109 winners belowJaguars play key role in AFC winChocolate recipes: Dark chocolate eases emotional stressNational Italian American Foundation upset at MTV for renewing 'Jersey Shore'Anchor beer lunch at Hopmonk on Super Bowl SundayIs it rubble or just ruins?2010 Grammys fashion - Carrie UnderwoodMetropolitan Brewing Company now selling hops to homebrewersMoney problems continue to increase threats to Los Angeles legal systemEveryone wants the John Edwards and Rielle Hunter sex tapeAre you or your child at risk for diabetes?Best places to stash your cash right nowHow to find local pagans - part threeWild at heart: Woodland Park Zoo animals to enjoy Valentine's treats Saturday, February 13Viking River Cruise sets sail to RussiaRecess before lunch can improve child nutrition and behaviorPreviewing Penn State's National Signing DayMichael Jackson's children speak at 2010 Grammy Awards (VIDEO)Groundhog Day is February 2, 2010Perfect Twosome: A chocolate and wine getawayTrain hits semi in Downtown Acworth2010 Grammys fashion - RihannaThe wonder of spidersHildegarde started the single name trend among entertainersBest baby pajamas: The Children's Place at The GroveAre you too critical of your spouse?Unschooling in review across ExaminerSweden in 2010Bearcats steal three-star WR recruit Anthony McClung from LouisvilleCity of Coconut Creek Sustainability Lecture Series - "Composting Basics for Homeowners" February 16SunRail and high-speed rail-Train wreck for Florida taxpayersRumor: Batman: Arkham Asylum Sequel Scheduled for October Release (Updated)Hate crime laws criminalize thought'Facebook'- Worm warning!!Possible Shenmue IIIFive reasons why Woodstock is the place to celebrate Groundhog DayFlowers 10110 healthy tips for parents when selecting menu items for young childrenHeavy Lies The Crown plays the Forces of Nature CD release partyUpcoming business events for San AntonioValentine Gift Ideas and MoreThe War on Christianity IIHow to refresh a spaceDanbury moves back into #1 spot in state coach's pollNightcap at the Triple Door reviewQuinn insists on wasting $105 million on railWho and what the men wore on the red carpet at the 2010 Grammy Awards (view photo slideshow)'The Celebrity Apprentice' star helping kids in HaitiHow to boost your metabolism, break through weight loss plateau, and stay motivatedIndividual thinking vs. 7 Central Michigan defeated No. 2Who's Hot in Hampton Roads: Chrishawn KingDC Girls Day Out - Old Town Boutique Warehouse SaleDental care for lessFunny Video: 'Billie Jean', the literal version (with video)Winter BluesGrammy Award does not equal greatnessWeekend dogs: *Updated* events in central New York February 6-7, 2010Chatopia open houseRazzie movie nominations perfect gifts for movie snobs - trailers and linksCooking classes with Venice chef Amanda CushmanJustin Bieber records 'We Are the World' with music all-starsEnhance your calm with bonsaiMSU Center for Poetry makes push despite deficitNewton High School next on city chopping block?Rumor? Zac Efron is the next SpidermanInner glowCraftwell officially launches the eCraft personal die cut machineBreakthrough artist Amiri Farris launches multimedia Black History Month platform (part 2 of 2)Rifqa betrayedStill Waters and Steamboats - A day at Canyon LakeMore reasons to travel to San Francisco, local group Green Day wins Grammy Award, so does SymphonyD1CollegeWrestling.net: Q&A with Virginia Tech's Jesse DongPhysical TherapyGroundhog Day - find out if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadowTop 3 quick-cooking whole grainsGRAMMY high notes: Andrea Bocelli & Mary J. OutsourcingPresident Clinton headlines at Caesars PalaceChocolate covered bacon new at chocolates by MichelleWoman with Alzheimer's found frozen to deathAmerican Airlines no longer wants your cash2010 U.S. Louis tops the list"Obama" promotes no-show Jersey City job on Saturday Night LiveFurious Love - world premiere showing February 14th 2010Well deserved winners at the Grammy AwardsAuthor J.D. GOP [VIDEO]Lady Gaga's Flying Stars not so bright this yearIntelligentsia Gets Smart About Coffee and TeaQueen! Come to your Convocation - Leadership, Vision and Communication at Goddess Temple of OCChicago Blackhawks Olympics PreviewOh Happy Day at the Grammy's for Christian 'gospel' artists Third Day and moreBreakfast honoring wrestler/administrator Barron Bremner Feb 5Warm up with easy, economical taco soupObama's 'Race to the Top' program has Arizona educators concernedHelping adults with disabilities to find work: new humerous ad campaign making big wavesBrad and Angelina: 'all the world's a stage' for better or worseVideo game releases 01/31/10Four year old suspended from school part II: Mom vows to defy ban on son's long hairConnecticut high school wrestling: Week 8 previewSteven Tyler's Home Depot and karoake performances....what's next?Junk food to be banned in schoolsThe importance of proper oral hygiene for HIV patients.Brand New, Manchester Orchestra light up the Denver Fillmore Auditorium--concert reviewGroundhog Day: New weather exhibit in Punxsutawney - winter predictions travel infoHomeschool Days focus on survivor skills at Pinnacle Mountain State Park2011 Ford Mustang/GT: moving forward with advanced enginesWhat is Studio 54 in Historic Norcross GATowne Centre announces auditions for I Remember Mama'When in Rome' comes in third place at the box office opening weekendBritney Spears' Grammy dress: hit or miss?Still going easy...comments, Chopra and self careWin G3 gear at the Bent Gate by completing online surveyParasha Yitro - judgment dayGrammy winners 2010; Beyonce and Pink's performance (videos)Taylor Swift receives 4 Grammy Awards, including Album of the YearTackling work-family conflict in our WorkLife NationValentine's Day Dinner SpecialsWow! This year's Grammy Awards left goosebumpsAmazon bows down to Macmillan's e-book pricing demandsRoyal Thai Chicago - gluten-free take-outPhillies Prospect ArrestedSomeone else besides Matt Damon as Jason Bourne?Razzie Award nominations recongize the film's worst had to offerPosing pictures goes against the rules of photojournalismTubing in SnoqualmieNeed to know: basal metabolic rate (BMR)Review: TysonTaylor Swift continues reign as most wonderful human aliveNick Visconti Joins The Arbor Snowboard TeamPet First Aid KitsCrystals & better HIV/AIDS treatments -Scientists study the structure of retrovirus enzyme IntegraseIs Toyota the new death trap?'When in Rome' good for sight-seeing but bad for healthHensarling destroys Obama in deficit kerfuffleInsanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting changeChicago man pleads not guilty to 12 counts of terrorismNexus One heading to AT&T and Sprint with 3G?Valentine's day gifting and funWho were the 52nd Grammy Awards Winners? (Fashion slideshow)Conscious Sexuality/ Exploding the Myths of Desire and Intimacy, Part III of IIICan the iPad be a relevant portable gaming platform?Black History Month: Rochester's role in the Underground RailroadBib necklaces at the 2010 Grammy AwardsParent Events - week of February 1Trailer Tuesday - Special Pre-Oscar noms editionRabies threatens your dogThe Bender podcast - Source Engine, IRL video game crimes, and the iPadRepeal don't ask don't tellLarry Hogan steps aside in Maryland gubernatorial race and calls for Ehrlich to announceKelp: Nature's super plantProust Questionnaire: Courtney CraveSkateboarding in SeattleCT Film Festival at the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center: Feb 12-1450th anniversary of Greensboro sit-inVermont Golden Gloves semifinal resultsToyota details how they will fix the sticking pedalJustice Department reaches decision under ADA for use of electronic reading devices in classroomsConverse Jack Purcell and Osborn Design Studios make some cool kicks for SpringDon't scramble for Valentine's Day plans, go to the Catamaran in Mission BeachCelebrate Groundhog Day with cool martinis and free appetizersFree the Hikers: The six-month anniversaryHospice of the Valley homes making a difference in people's lives and investing in design.Social media blamed for poor grammarWhen is it Pediatric Bipolar Disorder and not ADHD?Hassle at the Castle: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)Guiomar Novaes - the Paderewski of the Pampas, or the equal of Josef Hofmann?Sweet Saturdays at the Garfield Park ConservatoryMetroplex forecast: cloudy, cool; rain by mid-weekKristen Bell and Dax Shepard are engagedFree Fanfare for Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno fansA View Worth a Voyage Across the AtlanticMan once again at odds with natureWhat age can a tween stay home alone in Maryland?Local artist: Margaret DuranteFlooding in South FloridaDiane Pryor out at WKTUCharlotte Restaurant Week meal deals extended due to weatherCool baby name of the day: HendrixMichael Vick to Buffalo? Let's revisit Chan Gailey's press conferenceWinter blues have you down? Spend an evening in MidsummerScottish Rite - the former First Cumberland Presbyterian ChurchTool for being Socially Thankful - Thankfulfor.comValentines Day Part I: For the cash strappedDo you really know thy self ?SDPD-owned horses for sale onlineFancy Nancy Heart to Heart by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss GlasserCan custodial grandparents get insurance coverage for their grandchildren?BET, HBO, and more celebrate Black History Month on televisionCulver City Dining: M Cafe to feature special pizza promotionFree concerts every week at Central Presbyterian ChurchNew play at DCPA about ghost dogs, breakfast frinking and true love in the Post-Communist WorldColorado Springs area vacancies fall to 7-year lowAustism coverage would be required if bills pass in Virginia General AssemblyHelp for families caring for elderly parents: part one in a seriesAuthor interview with Nancy KilpatrickGood communication is foundational for a good, healthy, satisfying relationshipHeart disease can be reversed!Michael Jackson honored at Grammy AwardsCelebrate groundhog day with your preschooler at the Milwaukee County ZooObama's budget for 2011: Top ten flaws that need attentionGrammy memories Bieber, Jonas, Cyrus, Swift: Images and sounds of the eveningReview: 'The Simpsons: Season 20' on DVDGratinata of brussels sproutsNew Thought pioneers: Elizabeth TowneFive Grammy wins for bisexual artists: Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Green Day-Part 1Distrikt Hotel Debuts in Midtown'American Idol:' Adam Lambert, Kris Allen find more airplayState welcomes AnthropologieHigh School Equestrians may earn USEF varsity lettersTurbo-Charge Your Local Online MarketingNolita Hot Spot has long line, but is worth the wait....At Home With The Kids IdeasAstoria's Il Bambino is a true neighborhood gemGroundhog casts a shadow on Wichita driversNiche, nibbles, tidbits - the House of SushiTeens under gift-giving pressureSpecial Schools 101: Is there a school for twice exceptional students in Adams County District 12?President O-bow-ma at it againGarlic information and uses - is it a spice or herb?Chelsea Restaurant is Sure to bring out the French in YouCharlotte happy hours: The Palm introduces Prime Time menuJustice Department settlement with Nashville,TN schools will improve security on school busesIn the Mood for a FAntastical English Tea? Then, Alice's Teacup is the Place to be!The Folk Music Society of New York, Inc. Kansas StateValentines day gift ideasUpcoming Raleigh area scrapbook and paper crafting eventsReview of A Single ManWarheads review - intense yet sparkly missile defense actionFette On The FlyBest views in AustinWorry: The Useless EmotionLeaders must tell a story to effectively share their visionA taste of Luang PrabangFull Moon releases the Legendary WolfmanTerrorists have no rightsA merry mix in Buddha's BellyCan Mayweather ever overtake Pacquiao in the rankings without beating him?What's wrong with the Wake County school board's diversity policy?Gwinnett forward Marchesi dealt to CincinnatiMint Marvelous MintLucky No. Hart about Lullaby MassageTop 25 (2-1-10): Top 5 remains the sameYear-round playgrounds for your pupRight wing talker says safety recall an Obama 'jihad' against ToyotaPhiladelphia Tea Party -- not what you thinkA little crochet historySellers Beware: The Buyer's the DeciderGospel artists honored in the 2010 GRAMMY AwardsDealing with breakup the Christian wayYogachips: The apple that is too good to be forbiddenHairbrushing help: 12 ways to make brushing easier with childrenVegan chewy cherry almond bark recipeVisit the Art Institute of Chicago during Free FebruaryFamily resolutions that matter...8 of 10 in 2010 (Forgiveness)Washington State Senators shy about votes for trillions more in national debtHarvard University releases data on barefoot running studyHampton Roads Grandparents among many needing to obtain snow and ice savvyLong Island Salvation Army continues Haiti reliefGrammy winners in the Country Music Category - picturesJudas Priest wins Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance (video)Guy Fieri hosts 'Ultimate Recipe Showdown' Season Two on Food NetworkHappy birthday to 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' star Rachelle Lefevre!How is health care impacting small businesses today?Getting started in holistic health: A good idea for your mind, body, and walletLocalize your Romantic "Getaway"Child Care subsidy cuts a lose-lose for parents, kids, providers and Washington StateAnna Kendrick supports 'Up in the Air' director at the Directors Guild AwardsCivil rights museum opens in snowy GreensboroNASCAR changes CWTS guaranteed start position policyOrchard Lounge upcoming two night run at Station 171 in Greenpoint'Twilight' stars Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick revealed in 'Vanity Fair' Hollywood IssueiPhone game sales for 02/01/10Ways to get your kids involved for Valentine's Day in the Peoria areaSuper Bowl party recipes to please everyoneWhat happened to the Jamaican Bobsled team? Cool runnings (Part 2)54 UGA student-athletes named to 2009 Fall SEC Academic Honor RollMiami golf for all budgets: Resort stay and play specials and great municipal golf coursesOregon faith healing murder case exposes the stench of religious hypocrisyCruise Tip: What are the Specialty Restaurants onboard all about?Dallas bikers requested for a television shoot this WednesdayWhat about the Inquisition?A ritual for every occasion: ImbolcSteelers Appreciation WeekendGreen Day takes home fourth GrammyDetails on Aika's Warlock classIngredients at it's bestThe Snail HouseWhere and when did the 'Rat Pack' name originate?Anti OxidentsGroundhogs of the world, unite!New Study shows just how confusing Weight Loss Pet Food IsOpen Mike McDade at Tremont Tavern TuesdayWoW: Maintenance tonight, Season 8, last Icecrown wing imminentStart healthy eating habits earlyTwo lifetime achievement awards go to Jews at the GrammysMichigan artisan cheese making classNavigating Obama's 2011 Budget via your iPhoneIndiana to eliminate appeal board?Black History Month in DenverGirl dies after fall in gymnastics centerHow college football recruiting rankings translate on the fieldAVMA trying to prevent InvestigationCalcium and the BodyHiring literary agentsNew music and new Tampa show dates from Black Stone CherryLearn to use your Cricut and Pazzles at local workshopsValentine's parties for little onesHow to get Rihanna's killer Grammy hair style with drugstore dealsReview of Robin W. medal contender in 5,000 metersLoyalty programs;gimmick or real value.Yearning for warmer daysFree day at the Denver ZooThe Oklahoma Advisory Council on Indian Education ActMayweather-Mosley is a blockbuster, but the marquee belongs to MannyYankees outfielder Curtis Granderson visits alma mater to support referendumWashington emerging during crucial time for CougarsHaving the soup and salad for a light meal? Follow the tips below to make sure it's indeed lightForces of Nature rocks the house during their CD release partyAgents applaud MacmillanWill Retiring House Members Change the Balance of Power?Black History Month: Good Movies to Watch & Racial Disparity in Hollywood (Video)The Jakarta Band: You can dance, and you'll want to!!The week in comics: Secret Warriors, Fantastic Four, Batman and Green LanternMardi Gras at MirrabarShort Sale QualificationsValentine's Day becomes "Valen-Swine's Day" during current "Swine & Wine" Craze!Outdoor winter snow activities for children of all ages60-Second Solution: Ease Soreness During and After Your WorkoutsGroundhog Day family fun 101Choosing wisely when you're out of choicesDina C's new vintage hideawayCut down on beauty spending with Project 10 PanDating safetyWill Ryan Kelly support medical marijuana patients in his bid for Congressional office?Cruising from FloridaHillsdale College and Lake Superior State men play an overtime basketball thriller.Beijing Buffet/Trend Magazine OnlineGolden Gloves returns to South Bronx for fundraiserSuzanne Whang's organic red velvet cupcakesAustin's recent rainfall helps area homeowners recover from droughtSmart shoppers shop consignmentsAnnouncing the 2009 Razzie Award NominationsA new Al Primo Canto eatery planned for Chicago's River North neighborhoodGet Mila's winning look from Project Runway now!!Afternoon adventure: kart racing at The TrackBaltimore County starts streamlined recyclingLaser QuestA fan's personal journey through CosplayThe Nicene Creed--what do we think about it?The Who by the numbers at the Super BowlSeries of wellness events related to functional medicine to be held in Westport, CTCathy Fang vows to bring Plano back to a balanced budgetBachelor Recap: Jake applauds a virgin, sends Vienna to her room and cuts the field from 5 to 4Fans snapping up Joe Mauer memorabilia as contract negotiations with Minnesota Twins heat upSeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa presents Bands, Brew & BBQIdeas for Valentine's Day if you go outHaiti relief efforts to continue through Charlotte Churches.The Bachelor shocker: No Rose Ceremony -Possible Reasons why (and Jillian is one of them)!Nicole Gallery raises money for Haitian artists and art centerBeyonce breaks record at 2010 GrammysRepresentative Jan Angel to hold town hall conference callSenator Mike Carrell updateTexas District 17 Candidate Rob Curnock secures endorsement from Astronaut Jim LovellDecision on Roman Josi's availability for Olympics likely to come WednesdayLily and Migs pack the Liberty for FLTImprove your mental focusScott Brown and the U.S. - A Review.Cortez joins the BillsIndie bands you should know (but probably don't!): La RouxCarroll Dunham comes to U-Albany.'Twas the night before LOSTmas...The message to take from "Invictus"Happy Groundhog Day! Raise a glass to Staten Island Chuck!State Evangelism Conference held at Biloxi First Baptist Church 1/31 - 2/1Setsubun 2010 - A Japanese bean-throwing traditionWill 2 'great' fights make up for the failed 'Mega-fight'?Scrubs star Donald Faison autographs at WSA benefiting earthquake survivors in HaitiLFL - Los Angeles Temptation are South Bound and Confident View articles by date Today201520142013201220112010 . Pants on the Ground - here comes Britain's Got Talent: Greg Pritchard.Black history month: the celebration continuesFree online tax filing for active military, low income taxpayersAbiqua Falls: a waterfall lover's dreamFishing in the City program:Oak Grove Park trout plant, free fishing tournament & instruction clinicThe human compacitySix showstopping dresses from the 2010 Grammy AwardsNo. Komen Race for the Cure is coming up soonDowntown Greenwood ReportFriends, have we chosen to keep our commitment to God's an every dayJobs and the economy clouds prospects for Iowa Democrats in 2010What is in your dog's food: How to read dog food labels 101The best dressed at the 2010 Grammy Awards (photos and slideshow)Golden Hurricane hold off Central FloridaBest flu fighter is lowly bleachLocal designer featured in Creative Knitting MagazinePainful appearances at 52nd Annual Grammy AwardsHerb Caen; SF's greatest columnist; a saluteWeather forecast for northern Maine, Monday February 1, 2010Beyonce wins six Grammy Awards, a record for a female artistBACTrack S75 Pro - A practical and accurate way to measure your blood alcohol contentAmerican Heart Month: assess your risk for heart diseaseRedState's Morning Briefing for Monday, February 1, 2010Hands-on with the BACTrack S75 Pro - A night that was great fun, but not remembered...The worst dressed at the 2010 Grammy Awards (photos and slideshow)Frigid first day of FebruaryAg News: Kinky Friedman to run for Ag Chief plus more"Children's Health 101" Is Indian tobacco a possible treatment for ADHD?2010 Mazdaspeed3: "tricked and turbo"WWE Will Have an Edge Tonight in NashvilleSeattle and vicinity work week forecastGreen Business Forum has strange bedfellows as speakersEnjoy St. Groundhog Day acting...Afridi involved in 'ball-eating' controversy, banned by ICCShahid Afridi Controversies - Part IHoward Stern praises Oprah Winfrey's Jay Leno interviewShahid Afridi Controversies - Part IIDelta retires Northwest NW designator and nwa.com websiteReba Smith, Jonathan Powell, Duane Smith, and Stanley Smith will be arraigned todayPlayer Profile: Shahid AfridiKeep your kids busy on snow dayLazarita Menendez, Ebony Ray, and Cynthia King go to trial todayDavid Schwartz goes to trial on multiple chargesVon Hunter goes to trial for robbery, kidnapping, and assaultSimeons versus trudeau; trudeau's revisionsBlue Orchid lyrics by the White StripesRare Jimi Hendrix Recordings Released in 2010Super Bowl XLIV: A look at the Indianapolis Colts on the NFL's All-Decade teamDavid Hulsey coaches Good Hope Raiders to second-straight Cullman County championship titleSuper Bowl XLIV: A look at five myths surrounding Indianapolis Colts entering Super Bowl week (p2)Super Bowl XLIV: A look at five myths surrounding the Indianapolis Colts entering Super Bowl weekSony has faith in Heavy Rain's riskLove, companionship, sexual attraction and valentines day5 areas to business part fiveThe three steps Obama and Congress should take to put Americans back to work999 questions on the rules of golfChopin and Schumann coming to Bass Performance HallMorgan Harrington news: Members of Metallica saddened by death of Virginia Tech studentThe art of the audio mashupWeather forecast for Denver CO and vicinity, Monday, February 1, 2010Phillipe 'The Filipino Assassin' Nover is ready to seize his moment at UFC 109 this SaturdayAuthor Camy Tang shares her journey to publicationLooking for Big Airplanes from the past? Kansas City's Airline History Museum is the place to visit.Buy yourself a sweet treat without the calories: The Valentine Edition by Robin ShopeTop 20 best photo shoots from 'America's Next Top Model''Been Doon So Long': A bonny good read from Randall GrahmFarmer's Almanac best days for February: cleaningFederer's intuitive and humble victoryTexas Tech still in the huntFitness for a cause. hosts their annual 'Weekend of Music'Silicon Valley heats up as Jobs jabs Google and AdobeA winter viewing of Kaaterskill FallsPhilip Marie is as old as the City itself, but offers modern cuisine7 steps to smooth, radiant skin- naturally-part threeDiverse meetings this weekFeldenkrais classes to begin February 15 in Grand RapidsFormer Rutgers standouts were represented in 2010 Pro BowlStay in for a decadent Valentine's Day!Bridal inspirations from the red carpet: 2010 Grammy AwardsMissouri Planning Council offers free guardianship planning courseThe day of the crpes- Feb 2,349 boats behind the Eight BallTelling the whole truth and nothing but the truth on your college applicationDespite its location, East Village Cafe Mogador has something good to offerQueen for more than a dayRoyal Oaks C.C. on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010 at 7pm!Grammy winners in the Gospel Music Category - picturesBook review: The Bin LadensHeart disease still on the rise in U.S. the Oscars!Fine-All Fantasy Day 175-178; Trying to Find a BalanceTop 10 Asthma Cities in the United States: St. Salinger on view at the National Portrait GalleryMinus a "plus one"? Make it a party of oneMichael Dell buys big collection of vintage Magnum photo printsCats 101: Where do I take my cat in an emergency in Milwaukee?Super Bowl: The New Orleans Saints and Abita BeerMoney is the next step for Mayport carrierAbortion Still an Issue?LEVYdance: "Everyone Intimate Alone Visibly"Breastfeeding resources for Manchester, NH'Twilight' star Michael Welch to host concert for the homelessGrammy video: Taylor Swift and Stevie NicksRichmond area school announce snow-related closures and delaysVegetarian mushroom ragu to serve with polentaMetal Haven closing its doors for good'Don't ask, don't tell' policy to be overturnedLuc Tuymans opening tomorrow at SFMOMADragon Age: Origins Awakening TrailerWould you read Harry Potter on a Kindle or an iPad?Colin Firth peels away the "wet shirt" avoids being typecast.SEATS for Kids inspection clinicsPerfect Mashed Potato TipsIdea of light rail from Innovation to Ignition Parks from viewpoint of Portland, ORLauren Conrad celebrates another Happy Birthday, todayKourtney Kardashian shows off baby Mason and reveals the 'truth' about baby weight 'loss' - videoDon't ask, don't tell. Louis sign FIU alum Steve RalstonBeyonce makes Grammy history in downtown Los Angeles at Staples Center (photos, video)Enjoy Award Winning Wines at the Nova Scotia Winter Ice Wine FestivalCuddle up at Kiawah this Valentine's with "Beach and Breakfast" villa offerEssential ingredients 101: anchoviesGloria Allred seeks to abort Tebow's pro-life Super Bowl adOakland fan favorite Byrnes back in AL WestCanadian, U.S. Salinger: The anti-celebrityDenver offers public art workshopVisualization tips for success in your own lifeGrammy winners in the Pop Music Category - picturesGPS devices to use in PortlandRobert Pattinson nominated for two Razzies: Complete list of nomineesLea Michele at the Grammy AwardsBlack history month websitesGet creative this Valentine's DayMen's Dating Resolutions for the New Year5 tips to successfully help change your careerWatercolor Painting by the Parker Artists Guild Parker ColoradoMonthly Horoscope for February 2010 by Flash Silvermoon: Libra, Scorpio and SagittariusWanderer's Guide to MMOs: Global Agenda"Funniest Comic in Texas 2010" kicks off February 9th at the Addison/Arlington Improv Comedy ClubsEnjoy free Broadway entertainment in NYC"Job Search 2010" event in Grand RapidsThe new GreenmailMaryland Curves facilities announce its 2010 theme: Stronger TogetherStephin Merritt and Magnetic Fields go silent'Groundhog Day' ~ the perfect Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius messageHillsborough County Elections 2010 ExaminedGrammy 2010 Fashion RoundupChristianity 101: How to keep the faith when God says, "Wait" (Part I)Few in the pewNatural ways to prevent bloat and what to do if you can't.February Pound for Pound ListAvatar's 3D success heading to Star WarsNorthwest Horse Expo set for March 19-21 in Albany, OregonBook Review: In Faithfulness, He Afflicted MeOn the Red Carpet at the Grammy'sThe Fast Food Diet; yet another fad diet failureMontana mule deer numbers on the declineSpotlight on new artist Kristine Elezaj (hear new song and watch video here)Sacramento area high school boys basketball power ratings released70% of the country snow covered; January snowfall in ChicagoMonthly Horoscope for February 2010 by Flash Silvermoon: Capricorn, Aquarius and PiscesFallen Earth's State of the Game reveals new content, levelsNot all blacks appreciate the Obama messageSingle mom activity: Mating Dances Class at Hogle ZooJames Patterson thrills yet again with 'Worst Case'Make an 'Apology Pot' with your kidsA sample interval workout to take to the gym'Deadliest Catch' captain suffers stroke on the job; Deckhand sons make statementVinitaly US 2010 Tour Miami52nd Grammy Awards Ceremony: Pink's aerial performance (video)True Blood anthology due out in JuneBuyer Beware: A Guide To Buying Accessories For Your Consoles.The Mexican message is not conciliatoryNo. 1, 2010DevotionArtichokes in Creamy Parslied Sauce400,000 Americans will die of heart disease in 2010Charlie Papazian's island-bound beer class offered againA "budget reconciliation" maneuver may allow Senate health care legislation to passINSPIREDESIGN: hospitality and healthcare modernity in Las VegasWeekly Bulletin (February 1 - February 8)Emma Watson collaborates with Fairtrade'Edge of Darkness' sheds little light on conspiracyHow to Build a Rounder & Shaplier Butt by Spring BreakTry this natural brand for wonderful exfoliation at an affordable price'Such beautiful shirts'Will the iPad work in the enterprise?McCarron says he won't "be silenced" about groovesSierra College may cut golf programBearcats out of the running for four-star OT recruit Matt James?Watching the BIG Game the right wayOrange County Pre-Super Bowl LAN Party!2010 The Grammy Awards Red Carpet PhotosIs your cat overweight?SCORE inexpensive business helpThe Annual San Francisco Black History Month CelebrationV-Day Gift Guide Part 1- 14 days & countingUniversity of Buffalo collects $30,000 for former wrestler Jeff Parker cancer fightPrograms for kids in Raleigh: Gymboree Play and Music classesBest Super Bowl foods with recipesChildren are not getting enough sleepArizona State Sun Devils don't go far for top recruitSometimes there are just no words....Introducing the New Showplace Icon TheatreWalk It Out by KonamiHalo Reach will not reach NatalNew gluten-free mixes available from Toro/Tastes Like Real FoodAll In One: A Bad Lieutenant Port Of Call New Orleans ReviewCurious George exhibit opens this month at Boston Children's MuseumLet's talk about...The Reading Bug!Recall expanded for salmonella in Italian sausage products: 202 people ill nationwideComing to Theatre N February 2-7Project No. Louis of NASLPicking the proper fabric for your projectGrammy video: PinkDoes Botox make us happier or interfere with communication?The Bachelor' preview: Jake and the women visit San Francisco for four dates (Feb. 7th in Stone MountainAre you in the herd or are you in the American LegionThe glo-bug - a Michigan steelheading favoriteFinal design and program guidelines for Kansas City Dog Parks releasedThird stage of an affair: discovery/addictionHomes in Myers Park, Charlotte NCInvasive fish virus now in all five Great LakesNational Carrot Cake Day is February 3!Former advisor says Yasser Arafat died of thallium poisoningSigns of change at Walt Disney World: New sign springs up at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complexProsecution: the default choiceKentucky criminal defense lawyers express concern over 'Amanda's Bill'Before You Plan That TripDivorce Recovery 101: A Reason - A Season - A LifetimeWeekly rankingsA closer look at the fundraising battle between Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan in MissouriLook out, its an unidentified flying home!For the love of our petsMelt your Valentine's heart with a Cotton Candy CosmoFamily Game Night For LessCleveland Browns needs heading into 2010A pair of perfect dishes and more at TrellisPotential future judges by category: former contestantsMovie Review: Crazy HeartFeel GreatHot Shot of The Week Contest!The surf rock revival: A minute with The MilkstainsBroken Social Scene: new album in MayDerk joins the battle for the 10th2010 Valentines Guide; How do you love to be loved?Meat Week is real; Meat Week is hereWinter weather to hit western North Carolina againVOTE ~ Should the bachelor have sent Corrie Adamson packing?Ping Chairman Solheim joins the wedge warNBA: Hawks-Thunder PreviewMayor Cicilline vetoes PERA ordinance changesLiberty raises funds for new dog parkStop the devocalization of dogs in your stateCrosby notches his 3rd hat trick of the season in a win over BuffaloPigs as pets?A map for your night downtownGet cash back on new homes in Dilworth, Charlotte NCACLU: Boston police violated rights in arrest over cellphone videoFind Your Northeast Minneapolis Caucus Location HereGrammy Awards red carpet: The glamour, the cool, and the strainedSeeing the picture you want & finding new ways to look at your subjects.Recruiting news: Tennessee nabs linebacker from WVU, Markeith Ambles visits UT campusIyengar Yoga in DenverRate your legislatorsGet cash back on new homes in The Palisades, Charlotte NC'Wizard of Oz' shines bright at Fisher TheatreSuper Bowl XLIV: Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell on DE Dwight Freeney: "He's healing"The crime spree of an unholy alliance of big pharma and the medical professionTeam USA's race to the Vancouver Olympics: Recap of last week (1/25 - 1/31)Harmony and Me, Directed by Bob ByingtonGet cash back on new homes in Berewick, Charlotte NCIncreased Time for Video Games Marvels ExpertsFind juicy burgers and homemade pastries at Unicorn Lake Diner and BakeryGrammy's embrace racial diversity in music; overcoming painful past for black performersMartz has huge taskInspirational quote of the day; parenting and money2010 NFL Mock DraftsUnderstand the Bible and Live Differently (With Reference to Abilene's Sheriff Report)Fitness tips to live byGreat for the super bowl, or any time Buffalo Chicken StripsGet cash back on new homes in Southpark, Charlotte NCAfter the State of the Union: President Obama talks about higher educationWhen in Rome stars Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to marryHowling Lessons From The Experts!Small churches thrive by working togetherZombieland DVD available February 2Why do men stop calling? Q&APawlenty's PAC introduces balanced budget amendment petition to stop 'Ponzi Scheme on the Patomic'BubbaWorld Comix Vol. Senate highlight the need for a cloture-proof minority in MarylandMoby's: Best nightclub destination in Fells PointCan supplements help diabetic retinopathy?Rascal Flatts concert in Dayton OhioLocal Celebrity Los Angeles, A singing competition Week 3rdHearings scheduled: Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' - Will Obama have his way?School year may start after Labor Day in Indiana starting in 2012House to tackle the deficit again after Senate has its sayHow Genesis came to beTechnology, music, and the ever decreasing interactivity of consumersReport: Sox, Nelson agree to minor league dealGrammy Sandwich SurpriseChinese New Year 2010 in AtlantaAlexandrian Traditional Witchcraft Seeker's Course Starts Feb. Articles and Reviews for February 1, 2010 | Examiner.com From our ExaminersJamie Foxx- 'I apologize for the 'Auto Tune' Jay Z'Bob Dylan shut out at GrammysThe film's that ruled Sundance 2010Just Ask Her: Organizing Your BusinessGoodbye - Ms. Maybe.Star Wars crossword puzzles challenge its fansPGA Merchandise ShowAnnual Pigeon Key juried art show set for Feb. 19 officially 'International Gaza Day' in Muslim nationsMarch Brown hidden waters fly rod reviewSuperfoods salmon and tuna at the farmer's marketDavid Spade bringing Joe Dirt to TBSThree Penn State players to play in Texas vs. Juan Manuel MarquezHeart of the matterCity releases "green codes" report; seek to set the standard in environmentally friendly buildingsFor Mel Gibson, 2nd Place isn't so badAn herb for poison oak and ivyFigure Skating PredictionsToyota rushes parts to dealers as it hurries to get past the sticky accelerator problem'One Tree Hill' Pays Special Tribute to John Hughes & The 80's!Sarah Palin endorses Ron Paul's son for Kentucky Senate seatDivorce Recovery and a message in a new relationshipSuper Bowl XLIV comes to Fort Lauderdale, Miami's hot little sister'The Bachelor' recap: Corrie eliminated on episode five (Feb. Theater news--Pasadena Playhouse cancels season and plans financial reorganizationPeninsula politicos swap seatsChocolate chow mein noodles add spice to Super BowlZimbabwe Artists ProjectH.O.P.E. and worldFloyd Mayweather's blueprint to restoring himself to P4P throneErik Chopin gets his disco on at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness RidgeSt. A brilliant and prolific writerScion Automotive releases vinyl recordsNew Hollywood glamour at the Grammy awards - red carpet slideshowCalifornia Supreme Court overrules Senate Bill 420; any restrictions on a patient's amount of pot?Have a golden Valentine's Day at Gold's GymAnswer to a Request for Dating AdviceGung Hay Fat Choy; Wine & Chinese New YearGroundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil comes out tomorrowThe QB mess in the NFC WestGroundhog Day 2010: Watch Punxsutawney Phil web cast, Twitter, Facebook, get Groundhog textsBlack history, civil disobedience and Howard ZinnMacon's Douglass Theatre is a vibrant home to African American historyUtah Cancer Specialists join in medical marijuana movement, requesting more researchOrigins Youthtopia SPF 15 launches todayPurgatory Road available for downloadCash DeLeon: One of Houston's brightest young heroesNew gluten free offerings at StarbucksDessert Girl chats with television personality Suzanne WhangDallas-Fort Worth weather summary: January 2010CarbohydratesLocal Lockdown previewTaylor Swift Wins Grammy's Top Honor: Album of the YearSpread the Love: Adopt a PetDanger lurks in Star Wars Little Mos Eisley RPIs Charlize Theron single?Anti-abortion ad brings abortionists to its defenseSacramento genealogy courses at two adult education centers starting in February, also library classEgyptian arrests draw attention to terror, Muslim BrotherhoodObama vs. Jim Lentz about unintended acceleration on Today ShowGrammy 2010 Winners and RoundupWatch Dollhouse series finale "Epitaph Two" on Amazon.comJanuary weather summary and February outlook"Avatar" Heavy-handed and Predictable, but a Visual TreatWomen's Dating Resolutions for the New YearHelp support the Broward Children's CenterSpace crunch? Try using a walk-in closet, we did with good results!Mets and Phillies legend Lenny Dkystra's Thousand Oaks home on the marketGovernment "job creation"Chicago Art Institute campaign?Audition to be a cheerleader for the New Engand PatriotsWant good, quick Asian in Jacksonville? Try Mama Fu's Asian HouseQuick hits: The Habit, La Cumbre locationDisabling the disabledAfter the Olympic torch, visit Place des Arts in the heart Western Canada's oldest French communityCane's basketball team gets second ACC win against Virginia TechGPS tracking devices considered for people with Alzheimer'sMonthly Horoscope for February 2010 by Flash Silvermoon: Aries, Taurus and GeminiNonito Donaire trains and entertainsRobert Pattinson's March 2nd appearance on 'The View' is his first [see vids]REMINDERPA-15th: Mat Benol to join the frayObama's lost weekend in BaltimoreRepublicans, Beck and Fox News are hypocritical toward Obama over raceGrammy Awards- Marisa MillerIn Oregon, what's yours is mineThe Grammy Awards. 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Salinger documentary and companion book to be releasedFebruary Events at Whole Foods Market on MetcalfFormer Kiss member Bruce Kulick to spawn new CD featuring Kiss members Gene Simmons and Eric SingerMedia failing to adequately cover NASA's budget crisisStars take 2 from visiting HeatDenver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns - Free youth ticketsWolf MoonReuters and Associated Press get it wrong on Taiwan's historyACSPCA dog of the week: Meet DeogeeUpcoming events this week in AlexandriaAuto Insurance: Your liability coverageExpert testifies against future state tax hikes for wealthy in N.Y.My cat is stuck in a treeStellar performances at the Grammys overshadowed by Michael Jackson tribute, childrenBoston Market sweet potato casserole recipeThe Razzie nominations are up: Sandra Bullock up for Oscar and Razzie?52 years and Grammys still don't get it. arming Gulf states against IranWhat its like to sail on America's Cup challenger USACross country skiiing snow condition websites and hotlines for areas near ChicagoPortland wants to see you in the bathroom! 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In the past several years, zombies possess be a lot faster, smarter, and also victims have got d the a sense of your method to kill them: a new straightforward shot inside the actual head, (right in the actual http://tooldownload.net/six-guns-hack-and-cheats-tool/ direction of the actual brain), or perhaps a new decapitation will do. . . Consider any examine 6 Flags site for further details. The Actual Aftermath.. The Actual west in simply no way had been this wild. . . . . six Guns can be described as a actually fun western game, and inside addition your enjoyable component with regards to the overall game is doing every one involving the missions along with riding all regarding the horses throughout the areas. Paul Iuzzolino.

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She gets to be a home name along with Maintaining up with all of your Kardashians begins. . Allen , Sherri Dean, Matthew Baugh, Bill Craig, Lyn McConchie, John Howard, David Boop, David Lee Summers, Renee James, Don Hornbostel, Kit Volker, Sam Kepfield, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Lee Clark Zumpe, Carol Hightshoe, Joel Jenkins, Henrik Ramsager, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks and also James Patrick Cobb.

The previous west would be the classic gun-slinging era throughout America's history. Alongside together with this truly is your clever tale of your vampire who will get caught up in the bank-robbing scheme, plus the Chinaman's humorous encounter using a murderous gang regarding invulnerable bandits headed having a mysterious benefactor.

The film is definitely an superb and gruesome tale associated with survival. Also, whenever an individual purchase a season pass into a 6 Flags park, additionally you obtain $400 within six Flags Coupons that you simply with every single other together with your pals could redeem inside the park. The Majority Of nearby entertainment textbooks will involve a few type regarding six Flags Coupon which in turn you'll end up being able to redeem to have inside your park or perhaps possibly on a range of meals or perhaps refreshments.

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The shop will be broken in to six different categories: Treasure, Shields, Decorations, Resources, Attack, as well as Defenses.

The game begins you off using a Newbie guide offering a few simple suggestions about how anyone can begin in the game. There

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